October 2019

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    Overcoming Pre-Surgical Process Complexities for an Improved Patient Journey

    By Dr. Gajan Srikanthan, Director Clinical Pathways, Lumeon | Article originally published at Healthcare Business Today The pre-surgical process can be a complicated but necessary journey for patients. Just as much focus needs to be put into the pre-surgical process as the surgery itself. If patients are unprepared, do not know what to expect, or feel that they were left out… Read more »

    Talking Efficiency and Patient Communication at the NAACOs Conference

    By Lori Lawrence and David May, Business Development Executives, Lumeon Lumeon participated for the first time in the National Association of ACOs (NAACOs) fall 2019 conference, which took place September 25-27 in Washington, DC. We’re delighted we did. It’s been one of the event highlights of the year for the team, who had the opportunity… Read more »