What is Lumeon Care Pathway Marketplace?


A new place to share ‘gold standard’ care pathways

Lumeon Care Pathway Marketplace is an online catalogue where you can browse and purchase state-of-the-art care pathways. The majority of these care pathways are already in use by the UK’s top healthcare providers and are actively delivering better care at lower cost.

We want to enable healthcare providers to share their best practice operational formulas that make more efficient use of resources and focus staff on value-adding activities.

The pathways you’ll find below are not paper ‘guidelines’, but a series of intelligent workflow algorithms, with just the right amount of flexibility to adapt to your requirements. We’ve grouped them into clinical, operational, marketing and financial categories, but many blend clinical and administrative data.



Registering is simple. Sign up online to view each pathway in more detail and receive updates about new pathways as they are added.

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The Care Pathway Community

Our community brings together leading academic, clinical and operational healthcare professionals to establish innovative ‘gold standard’ care pathways that generate better practice across the entire patient journey.

The community function as the think tank behind the Care Pathway Marketplace. It is developing state-of-the-art, technology-enabled care pathways that will be shared for wider benefit throughout the healthcare ecosystem, to deliver better healthcare at lower cost.

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List your care pathways

We are offering healthcare providers the opportunity to list their care pathways on our marketplace and benefit from the share of the re-sale revenue.

If you are interested, we welcome submissions, please contact info@lumeon.com

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