Working at Lumeon

When humans harness the power of tech in the right way, we can revolutionize areas of our activity, improving what we do beyond all recognition.

This requires us to address old problems in new ways. Rather than simply applying modern technology to traditional, embedded systems, we need to take a step back and have a fresh look at the systems themselves.

This is what we are doing at Lumeon – and we’re looking for fellow problem-solvers to join us. People who aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo and who can think outside the box.

In return, we can offer you the chance to work with some of the US and Europe’s leading healthcare providers, with game-changing tech in a fast-paced, but fun environment.


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Our values

The Lumeon team are united by a love of creative problem solving, analytical methodology and strong teamwork.

We believe in being open, upfront and honest with our employees, partners, suppliers and clients and place a firm emphasis on business ethics as well as data security.

We are relentless pioneers who pull out all the stops to continuously innovate care pathways, but we also like having fun and encouraging individuals to test their own ideas.

The Lumeon office is not a ‘stuffy’ place to work in. We are proud of being a diverse, energetic and visionary team with a modern, positive, collaborative mantra, working closely with our colleagues in the US and UK.

Lumeon working together

Our technology

We build complex object-oriented PHP systems on a LAMP stack, leveraging the Symfony2 framework to do some pretty cool things, especially with TWIG.

We have PHPStorm, Composer, Vagrant, Git, JIRA and other tools to support us in producing high-quality code. There are Jenkins, Selenium and PHPUnit instances run regularly and a dedicated QA team to help us maintain the codebase.

We also use Terraform, Ansible, packer, consul VMWare, Nagios and New Relic in deployment and monitoring of the product.

Stay Alert for Recruitment Scams

As you explore job opportunities with our company, please be cautious and wary of recruitment scams in which fraudsters pretend to represent prominent companies.

Unsuspecting applicants may be invited to participate in bogus interviews, asked to fill out fabricated employment applications, or even receive fake offer letters, all with the goal of enticing victims to pay money or divulge sensitive personal information.

Keep an eye out for these red flags during your job search: