A new perspective on your patient journey

Lumeon Analytics provides unrivaled breadth and depth of information across the care continuum,
including clinical and financial dimensions, data from patients and providers and even third-party software.

Providing a complete 360 view of how your care pathways are performing in near-real time, Lumeon Analytics consolidates outcomes data from all sub-sections of the patient population that you serve. This can, in turn, be used to adjust the automation rules that govern your digital interaction with each segment of your care network.

The software is designed so that anyone can create new reports or manipulate existing ones. Unlike other Analytics packages, if you need to segment data differently, you don’t have to rely on a small number of your team who are competent in database coding, or an outsourced company to do this.

These tools allow providers to rapidly generate reports for better insight into appointment demand and performance across all teams and locations, allowing you to forecast requirements, plan resources and run your organization better.



Track subjective and objective outcomes data

Referral to treatment times (by practitioner)

Lumeon Analytics allows providers to easily track subjective and objective outcomes data, recorded by physicians and patients over time. This can help identify which clinical and operational processes produce the optimum results; meeting the practitioner’s as well as the patient’s goals. .

For example, Lumeon Analytics can collate patient goal progress scoring and readmission data to show you that a certain post-discharge physical therapy exercise, or contact plan achieves the best outcomes for patients over 65.

Patient health data and feedback can be collected using our patient app, Lumeon Navigator, or via online forms emailed to patients.



Build your own data visualizations that unlock powerful information

You can easily build you own reports without knowing any business coding language and select a range of visualizations to best display your data.

An intuitive interface allows any user to easily create and edit custom branded charts and dashboards, which can be embedded into your website using a simple iframe url. You can also isolate and drill down into data, without having to re-run the report.

The software also comes with 35 helpful reports pre-loaded for you.


Patient home zip code


Measure ROI from your automated pathways

Referral volume by referrer

Lumeon Analytics can show you any financial report you require including average debtor position, weekly outstanding invoices, number of self-pay patients using your online booking portal etc.

It can also reveal insights about operational performance across any site e.g. daily bookings per agent, as well as where your most and least popular referral sources are. Care Pathway Manager tracks patients across every workflow state, so you can also run near-real time reports on which stage of the journey bottlenecks are occurring.






Create your own dashboards

Lumeon Analytics allows you to easily create your own dashboards that can be specialty or department specific, with tiered user access permission

A drag and drop function allows you to easily select and re-size which reports you want to include on your dashboard and you can schedule reports to be automatically distributed to stakeholders in various formats over email.



Dash board


Use case

A clinic wants to determine whether extending the length of its appointment slots could produce better outcomes for their patients. Some of their physicians are routinely overrunning on a certain appointment type by an average of 10-15 minutes.

Using Lumeon Analytics, the clinic can track which physicians are overrunning and whether they are achieving any better results than those who are not. They can then make informed decisions about whether to extend their appointment slots and adjust their scheduling algorithms.

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