Keep patients on track throughout all of their appointments

Automating patient reminders has been proven to lower no-show rates and increase revenue by reducing last-minute cancellations and increasing resource utilization.

However, when it comes down to the administrative management, many appointment reminder solutions are cumbersome to use and limit the capabilities you can handle yourself.

Lumeon provides a flexible, intuitive platform for managing patient reminders, for faster, easier editing or augmenting of workflows.

It is also the perfect starting point to launch longer automated sequences that navigate the patient throughout their journey. For example, you could send notifications when patients need to book transport, complete questionnaires or rehabilitation classes or return for a series of check-ups. What if you could automatically trigger activities based on their responses?

Whether you are looking for a simple solution or something more sophisticated, Lumeon provides a new, integrated way of managing patient reminders.

Key benefits:

Key features

Lumeon’s appointment reminder solution contains all the tools you need to keep in touch with patients, whether you want to use it to simply trigger reminders before a particular visit or maintain patients on a pre-planned sequence of appointments.


A few key features:


From digital touchpoint to digital pathway

The illustrative pathway below shows how bi-directional patient reminders can be used to manage a diabetic patient through a series of regular screening and check-up appointments, including timers, auto-chasing and e-questionnaires.


Use cases

Sequenced appointments  

Sometimes you know that you will need to generate entire sequences of appointments (e.g. for patients who need regular check-ups because they suffer from chronic conditions). Lumeon helps you manage this by allowing you to assign patients to workflows with pre-calculated appointment intervals, triggering automated reminders before each visit.

Clinic closure

Lumeon allows you to temporarily over-ride workflows if you ever needed to temporarily close your setting for whatever reason. Easily and quickly send alternative messages out to patients and then automatically switch back into your scheduled workflow of reminders for seamless business continuity.

Pre-procedure preparation reminders

Send straightforward preparation instructions with links to maps or reminders about what to bring to appointments, or use information collated about the patient e.g. through online forms to dynamically tailor content. For example, diabetic patients can be sent different automated fasting instructions.

Re-scheduling due to illness

If you need to select just a few patients who need to be allocated alternative slots you can pause their workflow and send updated reminders with the new details. Bi-directional interaction means you can transfer these patients into call back lists if they indicate they cannot make the new appointment or want to reschedule when their original doctor is back in work.