Intelligent pathway automation for maximum control of your surgical business

Lumeon allows Ambulatory Surgical Centers to create their own end-to-end workflows (or pathways as we like to call them), that transform the surgical journey for patients and care teams alike.

In a highly competitive marketplace, Care Pathway Management (CPM) will keep you one step ahead, ensuring optimal use of resources. As the shift towards value-based care continues, it is critical to standardize care activity flow, to achieve the best possible outcomes with minimal incremental cost.

Creating digital pathways gives you complete control over pre-and post-surgical processes, so you can reduce variance, proactively meet the requirements of different patient cohorts and rapidly respond to industry change.

Add in configurable automation rules, risk scoring, telehealth and patient engagement tools, and you have the ultimate way to reduce costs, improve the patient experience and scale your business.



maximize reimbursement

by tracking patient and care team compliance to your best practice pathways, tailored to the needs of each health plan

reduce costs

by automating administration, virtualizing patient outreach and making better use of physician time by presenting ready-made pathway options

deliver proactive care

by customizing and automating care team and patient engagement activities across the pathway based on real-time feedback about the individual needs of each patient

Create your own digital pathway

Lumeon provides visibility and control of your entire surgical pathway, including what happens in the days and weeks after discharge. We can also integrate with your existing software applications, for fast and effective deployment.

Explore Signature Solutions

Lumeon’s Signature solutions provide comprehensive coverage of the patient journey, designed for longitudinal management of your care process, often involving multiple care teams.

Core capabilities

Care coordination tools

Our pathway builder allows you to create a single coherent care plan for each patient, facilitating team communication and bringing everyone onto the same page. The pathway dashboard shows the real-time status for all patients, outstanding tasks and next steps.

Automated risk profiling for early intervention

Risk algorithms allow you to alter your pathways based on real-time data supplied by care navigators and patients, that can be auto-scored however you wish. If scores exceed thresholds you can also auto-escalate cases for review. This includes processes such as readmission prevention and screening.

Advanced patient engagement

Your pathway can incorporate data from third-party telehealth devices, such as wearables, personal health records (PHR) or mobile diagnostics, as well as mobile apps, e-forms, and patient portals. You can also add personal goal tracking questionnaires.

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