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    5 Tips for Making “Enhanced Recovery” the Norm

    By Rick Halton, VP Product & Marketing, Lumeon There has been lots of discussion about an evidence-based approach for helping patients recover more quickly after surgery or clinical procedures. Whilst the evidence has remained largely the same over the last decade, implementation and adoption of enhanced recovery protocols has been slow. A major reason for… Read more »

    Off the Beaten Pathway: Bringing Care Pathway Management to the NHS

    By Jeff Ball, VP of Customer Success, Lumeon We are thrilled to announce our first NHS partnership, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. We have worked with Chelsea and Westminster’s postnatal team to create a digital end-to-end care pathway for new mothers and their babies, funded by the hospital charity CW+. Our user-friendly technology is transforming how this… Read more »

    The Future of Anesthesiology: Adding Value Throughout the Care Pathway

    By Rick Halton, VP Product & Marketing, Lumeon The shape of a new paradigm was evident at the California Society of Anesthesiologists (CSA) 2019 Winter Anesthesia Conference, where Lumeon participated as an exhibitor from January 28 through Feb 1 in Maui, Hawaii. Anesthesiology is a practice at a crossroads. Outcome-based reimbursement models are spreading. Patient… Read more »

    For Clinical Leaders, a Focus on Collaboration and Integration

    Lumeon was delighted to attend the NHS Clinical Leaders Network (CLN) National Congress Conference 2019, which was held in Manchester on 23rd January. Lumeon supported the CLN in addressing the challenges of sustaining change in light of some major infrastructure shifts that have occurred over the last five years. These shifts include changes to integration… Read more »

    Off the Beaten Pathway: How it All Started

    By Robbie Hughes, Founder and CEO, Lumeon How it all started… When we started this company, we started it with a very simple aim. Enable our customers to deliver consistently high-quality care at scale. This sounds like a simple, reasonable objective. It turns out that the way in which we went about achieving it was very… Read more »

    Putting Enhanced Recovery Protocols into Practice

    By Rick Halton, VP Product & Marketing, Lumeon • Article originally published at Becker’s Hospital Review  Proper preparation and recovery are cornerstones in the evolution of surgical care. The U.S. healthcare system must improve its approach to enhanced recovery protocols because of the way reimbursement models are shifting. Pay-for-performance drives shared savings and measurably better… Read more »

    How can the HealthTech Advisory Board help the NHS?

    Corrina Kane gives an industry perspective. This week the government announced the first meeting of the newly formed HealthTech Advisory Board. The board is chaired by celebrity doctor/author Ben Goldacre alongside a host of digital health academics, financiers and industry leaders. Reporting directly into the Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, they have the formidable task of advising him… Read more »

    5 Hot Topics from MGMA18 Annual Conference

    By Rick Halton, VP Product & Marketing, Lumeon Earlier this month the Lumeon team attended the Medical Group Management Association’s annual conference in Boston. The event brought together over 3,000 attendees to discuss and gain insight into evolving healthcare issues, a plethora of regulatory and compliance mandates, and best practices across different care models. Amidst a… Read more »

    Population Health News Catching up with Robbie Hughes

    Interview with Robbie Hughes, Founder & CEO, Lumeon – published at Population Health News Population Health News: In what areas do analytics play the most significant role in health care? Robbie Hughes: Health analytics really comes into its own with its production of actionable insight. For example, it is interesting to note the increase of heart… Read more »

    Consumerizing the Patient Experience through Personalized Care

    By Rick Halton, VP Product & Marketing, Lumeon The healthcare sector is faced with a phenomenon that it can no longer ignore if it’s to survive and thrive: the consumerization of the industry. The experiences that consumers have come to expect and demand, like the ease of shopping on Amazon or simplicity of booking a… Read more »

    How To Optimize Perioperative Patient Engagement; ERAS® and beyond

    By Dan Horne, Six Sigma Business Analyst & Nefeli Kritikou, Marketing Manager, Lumeon Engaging with patients and their families is a necessity for clinicians, given its benefits on clinical outcomes and healthcare sustainability. Patient engagement not only raises patients’ satisfaction and psychological well-being but also reduces medical errors and improves overall medical safety. While doctor-patient communication… Read more »

    4 Key Steps To Build The New Digital Patient Experience

    By Rick Halton, VP Product & Marketing, Lumeon As we tour the healthcare providers across the US, we’re clearly seeing a massive shift in mindset from the traditional in-person experience toward a modern, web-based digital experience. Gone are the days when simple, hand-cranked appointment reminders were sufficient. With more than 70 percent of patients now… Read more »

    How hospitals are integrating Augmented Reality and other tech to improve patient experience

    By Rick Halton, VP Product & Marketing, Lumeon • Article originally published at New, emerging technologies are turning patients into savvy healthcare consumers with higher expectations around the services they receive. From wearables to telemedicine, virtual and augmented reality, 3D imaging, and artificial intelligence, patients are increasingly drawn to cutting-edge experiences, similar to what… Read more »

    How To Optimize Perioperative Patient Engagement; the ERAS® way

    By Dan Horne, Six Sigma Business Analyst & Nefeli Kritikou, Marketing Manager, Lumeon Trust and open communication are integral pieces of the doctor-patient relationship, paramount to a successful surgical outcome and a positive patient experience. However, meeting patient information needs and engaging them from diagnosis to recovery has been an ongoing challenge. This challenge has been… Read more »

    The Business Case for Connecting the Patient Journey

    By Rick Halton, VP Product & Marketing, Lumeon The Business Case for Connecting the Patient Journey Over half a century has passed since former U.S. President Dwight Eisenhower signed the Federal Aid Highway Act, authorizing the construction of a vast network of more than 40,000 interstate highways across the nation. The Interstate Highway System as… Read more »

    Consumerizing the Healthcare Experience with Real-Time Health Systems

      By Robbie Hughes, Founder and CEO, Lumeon For all of the criticism that the airline industry receives, there is one thing it has mastered: creating a seamless, digitally integrated experience for the customer journey, with automated coordination across all stakeholders and touchpoints. This helps grow the airline’s revenue (‘welcome back Mr. Hughes’), whilst improving… Read more »

    Winning tactics for ASCs in 2018

    Against a backdrop of rising deductibles and tightening household budgets the ASC market is booming, with payers triggering a wave of contracting initiatives moving reimbursement out of hospitals and into the more cost-effective ASC environment. New regulations, payment models and technology mean 2018 could be a year of unprecedented change. How could all of this impact your operational strategy in 2018?

    The AI lifestyle coach. A new dawn for personalizing corporate wellness?

    In recent years, corporate wellness programs have undergone something of an evolutionary leap. The traditional approach to wellness was rather like an ineffective annual appraisal; an hour or two of diagnostic analysis of how you were performing, with some recommended actions that may or may not be followed up on, or escalation if very bad scores are achieved.

    Reinventing the healthcare wheel: innovation waste and scaling best practice

    The benefits of implementing standardized best practice to reduce unwarranted variation are well known and accepted. Despite the occasional tension between independently-minded physicians and business-minded healthcare executives, it is becoming increasingly clear that to deliver care in a world of increasing life spans and chronic disease, the system must change.

    Top 7 Employer Health & Wellness Trends for 2018

    Words by Imogen Barber Earlier this week, the Lumeon team headed out to attend the 9th Employer Healthcare and Benefits Congress in LA.  The event brought together over 2,000 leading payers, TPAs, brokers, consultants, healthcare providers, benefits companies, and of course, employers to discuss the latest developments in the employer benefits industry. They were joined by 200 exhibitors, offering everything from smart water bottles to precision genomics – all under the… Read more »

    Guest blog: Pre-sales NHS discussions: The importance of good preparation

    Recently I joined representatives from Lumeon on a visit to Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust’s maternity services. Our mission was to discuss post-natal patient management solutions and to see if Lumeon’s Care Pathway Management platform could help digitize and improve efficiency within this particular pathway. From the Lumeon side, we had a Senior Account Executive, Stephan Zentgraf and his team, while Chelsea and Westminster hospital was represented by a Consultant Obstetrician.

    Healthcare, Engagement & Communications

    by Mike Wilkinson It’s been a few months now since I’ve been in healthcare so I thought I’d provide some perspectives on how the healthcare and communications industries interact and their potential long-term inter-dependencies. It’s a complicated and rapidly evolving picture but one that is increasingly converging. Different Swim lanes: I think the first thing… Read more »

    5 Ways Healthcare Will Change in 2017

    by Robbie Hughes 2016 was a year of slow-but-steady progress for healthcare. Amid ever-rising costs (in August the Labor Department announced the highest rate of increased spending in 30 years) Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) are steadfastly laying the groundwork in the momentous shift towards Value-Based Care. With MACRA regulations and the focus… Read more »

    One Stop Doctors & Lumeon – The Combo to Delivering an Exceptional Patient Experience

    By Mike Wilkinson If you’re near Hemel Hempstead in northwest London, then chances are good you’ve heard of One Stop Doctors, a state-of-the-art, boundary-breaking private health clinic. The clinic, with an interior that demonstrates a commitment to patient-centric high design values, offers on-demand medical expertise, along with outpatient diagnostics, physiotherapy, dentistry and aesthetics – all… Read more »

    Rethinking Healthcare Delivery for Private Sector

    Rethinking Healthcare Delivery for Private Sector By Mike Wilkinson We have a problem in the UK. We are conditioned to the concept of being rationed when it comes to healthcare. Demand is overwhelming and the system puts in place various methods of inertia to manage the availability of supply, which has conditioned the consumer that… Read more »

    Transforming Population Health Management With CPM

    By Mike Wilkinson, VP Marketing and Product Management Today we announced the launch of version 2 of the Lumeon Care Pathway Management Platform. A central theme of this release is the ability to automate the management of millions of pathways enabling care on a scale not seen before in the industry. The next phase of… Read more »

    How to maximise your referral volume with eRS

    By Mike Wilkinson, VP of Marketing and Product Last year the NHS launched its e-referral service (eRS),  the system that allows private healthcare providers to advertise their appointment slots and receive referrals electronically from the NHS. The simple web based application processes an estimated 40,000 electronic referrals every day (about 50%), and the NHS is… Read more »

    Alliance Medical: Transforming Business with Care Pathway Management

    Alliance Medical is Europe’s leading independent provider of medical imaging services, providing services to 500,000 patients in the UK each year. As Alliance Medical’s customer base has grown, they manage an increasing number of diverse and complex set of patient journeys, according to the requirements of each healthcare provider, with a high number of varying… Read more »

    Becoming Part of the Healthcare Revolution

    By Mike Wilkinson Today’s healthcare market is something of a digital laggard yet I can see many parallels to my early days in telecoms. When I was in the first stages of my career we were all about getting bandwidth to the masses in as cost effective manner as possible. The problem was that the market was… Read more »

    Through the Looking-Glass of Healthcare

    by Corrina Kane, Head of Product Marketing “Now, here, you see, it takes all the running you can do, to keep in the same place. If you want to get somewhere else, you must run at least twice as fast as that!”  – The Red Queen to Alice, Through the Looking Glass Last week was a… Read more »

    The NHS doesn’t need transformation – it needs stability

    by Corrina Kane Having just last month explored the implications of the Lord Carter report on the freshly amalgamated body that is NHS Improvement (NHSI), I was compelled to attend a recent HealthChat starring its Chief Exec, Jim Mackey. Hosted at the almost hip King’s Fund Health Campus, ever so slightly at odds with the… Read more »

    Lord Carter’s Report: Getting a Grip on the NHS

    By Corrina Kane The newly minted NHS Improvement team, led by the impressive Jim Mackey, has a mammoth job on its hands. Not officially launched until April this year, this new NHS regulatory body takes on the majority of Lord Carter’s 15 recommendations, 84 deliverables and 88 pages on ‘Operational productivity and performance in English NHS acute… Read more »

    Digital Health.London

    By Corrina Kane I was excited to be present this morning at the launch of DigitalHealth.London, an accelerator created to help healthcare benefit from digital health innovation, which, as Boris pointed out, has nothing to do with arthritic fingers… George Freeman painted a compelling vision of a future where technology transforms the lives of patients… Read more »

    Technology’s Role in Rethinking Healthcare Delivery

    I recently came across this Tedx Royal Holloway Talk by NHS junior doctor Cosima Gretton talking about technology in her day-to-day role. Watch the video because it’s well worth understanding the challenges facing practitioners today, but the point is that a majority of her time goes to administration and not time with patients. She explains… Read more »

    Welcome to the Lumeon Blog

    Welcome to 2016, and welcome to our first blog post. If you’re reading this, then you’re probably interested in who we are and what we do. So I’ll use this first post to do just that; talk about who we are, what we do, why we do it, and what we’ll be doing with our… Read more »