Digitally orchestrate your chronic disease programs

Chronic medical conditions account for more than 75% of US healthcare spending. Not only are traditional chronic condition management programs expensive to run, their effectiveness is diminished because providers lack good tools to make them coordinated, consistent or scalable.

Lumeon enables providers to create lower cost, automated care pathways for chronic disease that optimally manage the flow of patients across specialists, PCPs, community care professionals and hospital teams.

Our award-winning Care Pathway Management platform actions your pathway, presenting a shared view of patient progress, with tasking, decision support, risk-based resource allocation and automated patient monitoring.

Key benefits:

Pathway library

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Chronic condition care plan coordination

Ensure reviews happen in a timely, consistent manner by creating your own protocol driven care pathway with pre-determined check-up schedules and activities for every care specialty.

The Lumeon CPM platform automatically tasks care teams to inform them exactly what to do and when, and presents a real-time view of patient progress and key data, shared across an interdisciplinary chronic condition management team.

Pathway content can be varied by risk, to ensure the best operational plan for each individual is delivered, and the platform can also suggest and communicate alternative courses of action, should patient data reflect that this is required.

A few features:



Improve patients’ ability to self manage their chronic condition, while enabling patient educators and care teams to deliver more targeted assistance, using automated self-care programs.

Lumeon enables providers to automatically distribute up-to-date, easy to absorb patient communications, via the patient’s preferred channel of communication.

Automated eQuestionnaires can be used to assess knowledge and identify gaps. Depending upon the patient’s behavior and responses, follow-up content can be automatically sent to support the patient, or they can be referred to patient educators.

A few features:


Remote monitoring and device integration

Lumeon makes patient monitoring more effective and less resource intensive, by using risk-stratified pathways, virtual care and automation.

A typical pathway for low risk individuals might reduce the number of in-person appointments or phone calls, instead using automated e-questionnaires or SMS to capture key data. For example, diabetic patients could be automatically prompted to send blood glucose levels over SMS, and should data go beyond tolerance, it can trigger coordinated intervention from care teams.

Make the experience even more convenient for patients with the option to integrate data directly into the platform from devices such as continuous glucose monitors and Bluetooth-enabled scales.

A few features: