Automated screening, escalation and guidance for patients with suspected COVID-19

Population-level COVID-19 screening and automated guidance

As the coronavirus pandemic escalates, hospitals and health systems are faced with the challenge of how to prevent their clinical resources being overwhelmed by patients who suspect they may have COVID-19.

Lumeon’s COVID-19 screening solution automates patient screening, using a simple online risk assessment survey that assesses comorbidities and symptoms. It can then provide automated guidance, such as self-isolation advice, where to go to get tested, or enrollment onto our remote home monitoring solution, based on patient responses.


Use cases

Inbound screening

Prevent inbound inquiries overwhelming care teams, by providing patients with a link to the COVID-19 risk assessment survey. Once patients have completed the questionnaire, they can be sent automated guidance about self-isolating, where to get tested, or can be enrolled onto our remote home monitoring program.

Proactive screening

Target vulnerable populations by sending the survey either to them or to their carers via SMS or email. Send automated advice or flag patients to your clinical teams, based on their responses. Survey data can be used to detect rises in infection rates to help prepare your ED, with periodic repetition helping to keep information up-to-date.

Pre-appointment screening (post-peak) 

Once the COVID-19 peak has passed, you will want to rebook appointments, but patients still need to be screened to make sure they aren’t carrying the infection. Lumeon can automatically send the survey to anyone with a booked appointment. Find out more about re-diverting appointments to telehealth consultations.

Optional enrollment onto home monitoring program

Offer patients with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 enrollment into Lumeon’s home monitoring program.






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