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Lumeon’s clients include some of the largest and most innovative hospitals, IDNs, health systems and specialist care providers, managing over 11 million patients between them.

Many of our clients started small, with pathways that address something as simple as automated appointment reminders, and subsequently expanded into broader areas such as chronic condition management.

Below are just some of our client success stories. If you’d like to hear more, please contact us.



Lumeon’s vision fits and aligns with our goals. The platform gives us the opportunity to use technology to improve the patient experience and increase efficiency in our operations.

Laurie Johnson, executive administrator of ambulatory services at Keck Medicine of USC

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Improving preoperative capacity

CLIENT: A world-renowned, US-based IDN

BACKGROUND: The IDN wanted to increase the volume of patients that they were able to manage through their ‘in-house’ preoperative assessment and ensure protocols were applied consistently.

The preoperative pathway created automatically triages patients, while an ordering algorithm suggests which tests, if any are suitable, presenting these for nurse review.

Over half of patients were able to be ‘fast tracked’ and autonomously managed by the platform, significantly reducing nurse workload and meaning patients don’t have to travel in for as many appointments. Meanwhile high-risk patients are closely assessed and monitored with regular phone calls and in-person visits.

The pathway provides a real-time view of the preoperative process, tasking care teams and automating activities such as booking tests. It also continuously engages patients, keeping them on track with reminders and information about preparing for surgery.



60% uplift in patient throughput
51% of patients managed by CPM autonomously
91% patient adoption of standardized pre-op process


Scaling COVID-19 rehabilitation care journeys for Nuffield Health

CLIENT: Nuffield Health

BACKGROUND: Nuffield Health pioneered the UK’s first specialist rehabilitation program to support participants with long Covid through a mixture of in-person gym glasses and virtual sessions over a 12 week period.

To help them scale they needed a digital platform that could manage the pre-assessment, onboarding and remote monitoring of patients. It also needed to integrate with their Salesforce CRM, which was handling online patient registration.

Lumeon provides complete management of the pathway including a digital pre-assessment questionnaire, onboarding instructions and capture of patient progress scores via regular digital PROMS questionnaires.  The platform is also used to record progress towards weekly goals and to manage appointments and automated patient reminders.



Positive patient benefits for reduced breathlessness, anxiety and improved physical fitness.

40 sites quickly set up to roll out the program nationwide
1 month deployment time


Driving enterprise-wide transformation at
NYC Health + Hospitals

CLIENT: NYC Health + Hospitals

BACKGROUND: NYC Health + Hospitals, the largest public health care system in the U.S., has been using Lumeon’s platform to launch automated care journeys that improve the patient experience across emergency, chronic care, and patient access departments.

As COVID-19 struck, the health system was able to quickly adapt its operations, with solutions launched within as little as seven days. This included a test result and remote home monitoring program for COVID-19 patients.



29% reduction in no-shows
7 days to launch COVID-19 remote monitoring pathways
Improved patient experience and care team capacity


Implementing virtual check-in and reducing no-shows for Keck Medicine of USC

CLIENT: Keck Medicine of USC

BACKGROUND: Re-opening after the COVID-19 peak, the medical center realized it quickly needed a solution to keep patients out of waiting room areas where the virus could spread.  Lumeon’s text-based virtual check-in was deployed in just a few weeks, allowing patients to text READY to a specific number and wait in their car before being brought into the building.

Keck Medicine of USC also benefits from Lumeon’s automated appointment reminder solution, which enables them to send messages in multiple languages.

The solution significantly reduced their no-show rate compared to their legacy vendor, while eliminating staff time spent manually uploading CSV files. All Lumeon solutions fully integrate with Keck Medicine of USC’s Cerner EHR.


  • 80,000 patients checked-in virtually per month
  • 67% adoption from eligible patients, within first 10 days
  • No-show reduction within just a few weeks


Reducing discharge delays for a leading NHS maternity ward

CLIENT: Chelsea and Westminster NHS Foundation Trust

Chelsea and Westminster NHS Trust has one of the largest maternity centers in the UK.  They were looking for a way to improve the patient discharge experience, having found that care coordination issues were prolonging the time taken to discharge new mothers and babies.

Lumeon pathway experts worked closely with clinicians at the trust to create a digitized version of their discharge pathway which coordinates the optimum sequence of tasks for mother and baby, displaying progress across key milestones.

Manual coordination of tasks has been replaced with a real-time view displayed on large screens, devices and desktop computers. The pathway enables multidisciplinary teams to easily share information and updates, while traffic light indicators and automated timers help care teams quickly prioritize patients.




1,000 bed days per year (projected saving)
Improved patient experience
Aim to reduce mean discharge times reduced to less than 4 hours


Improving uptake of health assessments and enhancing member experience

CLIENT: Europe’s largest independent provider of wellness services

BACKGROUND: The company’s wellness division approached Lumeon to digitize their health assessment process in order to enhance patient access and reduce unwarranted variation.

Lumeon experts created standardized processes that were turned into digital care pathways leveraging automation to reduce manual tasks. The patient experience was completely revamped with the addition of self-service online appointment booking, automated recall and appointment reminders, electronic health questionnaires and downloadable personalized health assessment summaries.

Meanwhile, clinical time has been saved with upfront patient data capture and automated generation of patient summary documents.

The provider was able to further differentiate their member experience using a lifestyle coaching pathway. Automated questionnaires and coaching materials are sent to patients to track with personal goals, with information fed back to a dedicated lifestyle coach.



80% of members reported change in lifestyle habits
60% improvement in patient satisfaction
$1.2M ROI within first year of deployment



Facilitating optometrist-led triage and standardized recall in glaucoma pathways

CLIENT: A leading provider of NHS-funded ophthalmology services

BACKGROUND: Lumeon developed a digital screening and recall pathway to support this innovative provider who use remote vans to offer mobile glaucoma screening services to the UK’s NHS (National Health Service). The pathway enables them to provide an accessible glaucoma assessment service with shorter appointment times, results and waiting lists than could otherwise be achieved.

Pathways streamline the process by notifying care teams of new referrals, collating data from patients in advance of appointments (using e-forms or call lists) and coordinating optometrist diaries.

Once optometrists have completed the scan and made their assessment, Lumeon notifies off-site ophthalmologists and enables them to quickly approve the optometrist’s decisions. The most at-risk patients are then automatically referred for priority treatment, while medium and low-risk patients are assigned to monitoring pathways with automated recall.



20% cost saving per patient
4 hours of separate appointments consolidated to 1 hour
88% time saving for ophthalmologists


Automating workflows for Europe’s largest independent provider of imaging services

CLIENT: Alliance Medical

BACKGROUND: Lumeon collaborated with Alliance Medical to create automated, standardized workflows for PET-CT, MRI and X-ray, that were variable by payor.

Alliance Medical transitioned from multiple processes and uncoordinated RIS-PACS environments generating variable costs across their network, to a standardized series of pathways managed by a ‘master’ software.

These pathways automatically update required tasks, rulesets, timers and content based on patient risk and client requirements. They include automated referral screening, automated patient communications and rules-based task allocation for reporting Radiologists, as well as automated scan formatting and distribution.

They have enabled Alliance Medical to deliver scans more rapidly, and at lower cost and the company is now the largest supplier of PET-CT services to the UK’s National Health Service.



30% reduction in resourcing costs
98% reduction in report formatting & distribution time
99% patient satisfaction rating