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Lumeon’s customers are some of the most prominent firms in the independent healthcare market, including 7 of the top 10 leading European providers.

From corporate health assessments to glaucoma management, they cover a broad range of specialties and disciplines. While some focus on a particular section of the care pathway (e.g. outsourced diagnostics), others cover multi-disciplinary end-to-end care. They have all, however, built unique ways of orchestrating and automating their processes using Lumeon’s Care Pathway Management platform.

Lumeon’s platform is not a ‘rip and replace’ function and most customer deployments have involved integration with existing customer IT infrastructure.

“Lumeon’s Care Pathway Management platform is a game-changer for us.

It has transformed the way we deliver care.”

Dr. Charles Niehaus, CMO, Alliance Medical
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Lumeon in action

Digitizing the patient experience and improving automated follow-up

Lumeon has been working with a leading multi-billion dollar healthcare provider, employing 84,000 people in 190 countries including the US, China, UK, and Australia.

The provider is using CPM to digitize patient journeys, standardize processes and optimize scheduling, clinical reporting, follow-up and billing. All of this is conducted on Lumeon’s Care Pathway Management platform.

From point of booking onwards, the provider has designed digital automation programs to send online forms, reminders and instructions to help patients prepare for appointments and gather information from them.

New and returning patients are able to search and book appointments by logging into a custom-built portal and viewing a personal health dashboard. Algorithms are also being used to profile patients and upsell relevant packages e.g. health assessment upgrades. The portal also displays their health assessment report, including all lab test results which are automatically formatted, charted and published from Lumeon’s Care Pathway Management platform.

After assessment, Lumeon automatically checks in with patients to gather data. This can happen via an app, email or web-portal, or by transferring patients into call lists. Depending upon the data that patients enter, they can either be transferred into high frequency, prioritized callback lists or maintained on lower frequency callback lists with the support of digital resources.

Automation has enabled the provider to standardize follow-up procedures and focus human intervention on patients who are most likely to be at risk.

Using subjective goal scoring to improve outcome performance

Lumeon has been helping Six Physio, a leading provider of physical therapy services, deliver value-based care by measuring the impact of different exercise plans on subjective patient goals.

Six Physio use Care Pathway Manager to provide online booking, automated patient reminders and personalized digital exercise plans to support patients.

Each patient is also encouraged to create a personal goal e.g. running a marathon, which is logged in the software. Throughout treatment, every couple of days they are sent an email to capture data, including pain scores and whether they think they are closer to their goal. This allows practitioners to monitor how patients are getting on in-between appointments and how progress looks over time, so they can switch programs if necessary.

It also means that Six Physio can retrospectively compare treatments and practitioners throughout every site, in order to share ‘best practice’ for achieving common goals.

CRM automation, contact center management and advanced scheduling

A large, not-for-profit healthcare provider have recently deployed Lumeon’s Care Pathway Management platform as a combined CRM and scheduling system to revolutionize appointment scheduling and patient recall processes, across the hundreds of corporate contracts that they serve.

Lumeon’s rapid booking processes allow contact center staff to handle greater call volume, cutting 47% from overall appointment generation time. Lumeon’s Care Pathway Management platform auto-suggests the best appointment slot based using automated booking rules we have helped the provider create. This includes bundling a series of appointments under certain packages.

To deploy more personalized customer engagement and retention strategies, the company have automated communications based around patient data and company preferences. Templated documents, emails and text messages can be automatically sent out to patients via their channel of preference.

Automation is particularly used as a tool to remind customers to book health assessments they are entitled to and advertise other services that could be of interest to them. This is done by sending emails or transferring patients into call lists, a month or so before their check-up is due.

Using automation to manage referral screening and radiology services

Lumeon is providing a next-generation automated RIS solution to Alliance Medical, Europe’s leading provider of independent radiology services.

Alliance Medical have used the software to build workflows that automatically engage and coordinate their radiology ‘ecosystem’. This helps them manage hundreds of contractual variables to deliver a rapid service, tailored for each client. These rules control invoice calculation, SLA timers, patient communications and image re-routing between various PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication System) for each contract.

As soon as reports or images are ready, they are now instantly formatted and distributed. For example, clients who only want to use Alliance Medical’s scanning services have images automatically re-routed into a third-party PACS for reporting.  Clients who want the full scanning and reporting service, have both the images and final Radiologist’s report auto-formatted and returned to their PACS.

Lumeon’s algorithms are also speeding up referral processing. Automated rulesets direct referrals to the right pay-grade staff for approval, depending upon the level of risk associated with each case and the type of scan they are having.  Referrals that don’t meet basic criteria e.g. patient age are automatically rejected.

Enabling virtual review and standardizing patient monitoring pathways

Lumeon has been working with a leading supplier of outsourced glaucoma services to help streamline monitoring and recall for patients, who have time-critical eye conditions.

The provider uses Lumeon’s Care Pathway Management platform to support an innovative new model, delivering glaucoma management services via mobile units parked in the community. Rather than having a specialist conduct every appointment, optometrists carry out-patient diagnostic scans and make initial assessment about how patient conditions should be managed. This reduces the pressure on limited hospital resources and senior staff time.

Appointments are scheduled using Lumeon’s Care Pathway Management platform which allows optometrists to access their diaries, patient history, data captured via e-forms and the results of the scan from their vans. Optometrists use this information, alongside a risk profiling categorisation system to decide which patients should be assigned to which pathways. Lumeon then notifies a pool of off-site ophthalmologists who can log in remotely and review decisions.

Once a decision is made, each pathway contains workflow automation rules that dictate what happens next. The most at risk patients are scheduled for priority treatment at the hospital, medium risk patients are kept on intermediate recall pathways and low-risk patients are transferred into lists for annual check-ups. This avoids backlogs that could result in loss of sight for most critical patients.

This has multi-fold benefits. Patients can get all of their tests done in a much shorter time-period, opthalmologists’ time is focused on highest value-add activities, hospital waiting lists are reduced and the provider can more easily monitor their patient population.

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What our customers say about us

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By selecting Lumeon, we’ve found a business partner who can manage our needs today whilst scaling for our future growth
Jonathan Byrd, Operations Director for Clinical Services, Nuffield Health
Whenever we’ve embraced change or developed new areas of our business, like online bookings or integrating with pathology services, the Lumeon team have always responded quickly and helped us continue crafting and refining the business we have.
Magnus Kaunders, CEO, Blossoms Healthcare
Their pathway automation engine is a game changer. It has transformed the way we deliver care.
Dr. Johann Alberts, Director of IT and Transformation, Alliance Medical
Lumeon just works – whether it’s from our main offices or our satellite sites. Care Pathway Manager is always available and is continuing to help us do new, innovative things to make our service better for our clients and patients.
Magnus Kauders, CEO for Blossoms Healthcare
I can honestly say that Lumeon is facilitating growth and supporting our business ambitions, whilst at the same time helping us deliver a premium service.
Matt Todman, Founder, Six Physio