Reduce delays and ensure seamless care team transitions

Efficient patient discharge is critical to avoid the costs and penalties associated with an unnecessarily extended length of stay and patient dissatisfaction due to unnecessary waiting periods.

Lack of appropriate discharge criteria, adequate care team coordination, and missing data are frequently indicated as causes behind these delays.

Lumeon enables care transition teams to view real-time patient context and readiness for discharge. The platform can also dynamically adapt patient discharge criteria, education, and orders according to the clinical and socio-demographic profiles of each individual.

Key benefits:

A real-time view of system-driven discharge

The CPM platform can create and manage a necessary pattern of discharge activities based on each individual patient’s clinical and socio-demographic profile. It automatically allocates tasks, guidelines and checklists to care teams and shows them a real-time view of patient progress.


Create your own automated discharge pathway

The Lumeon Care Pathway Management (CPM) platform enables you to create your own workflow content, from checklists and risk scoring algorithms to ‘if this, then that’ automation rules. The platform also contains a comprehensive set of APIs and integrations to allow you to trigger automated activity based on data stored in your existing software, such as your EHR.

If required, our pathway experts can work with you to help you design your pathways according to Lean Six Sigma principles to help you maximize business efficiency.



Automated discharge plan management

The CPM platform can manage discharge flow according to your protocols and timers. This includes automatically updating the patient status, chasing for missing information or results, issuing checklists and communications and escalating activities.

Intelligently assisted risk assessment

Lumeon can use information gathered about patients (for example if they are diabetic or living alone in a low-income household),  to dynamically tailor checklists, communication documents and protocols to ensure you meet their needs.

Onward referral with context

Automatically keep PCPs in the loop by sending real-time notification of discharge as well as full reports with auto-populated sections. If post-acute facilities or home-health agencies are involved, you can also add them into a continued real-time map of the follow-up pathway.

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