Intelligent ‘care traffic control’ for tomorrow’s digital hospital

Rising operational overheads and increasing pressure from payers to provide lower-cost, integrated care, means hospitals are under more pressure than ever before to unify care teams and deliver more efficient process.

Lumeon helps hospitals and health systems reduce their operational costs by deploying techniques to orchestrate, automate and (where appropriate), virtualize care, in order to amplify their reach – even across different care settings.

Using the Lumeon Care Pathway Management (CPM) platform, hospitals create their own pathways that enable them to risk- stratify patients and orchestrate care teams and integrated software (such as EHRs) accordingly. Lumeon offers real-time ‘care traffic control’, enabling providers to automatically course correct as required, in order to deliver more effective and efficient care.


Bruce Gewertz, MD, Surgeon-in-Chief and Vice President for Interventional Services at Cedars-Sinai, discusses how Lumeon has been optimizing surgical pathways as part of their accelerator program.


maximize resource utilization

by introducing digital pathways that reduce cancellations and delays prior to surgery, optimize discharge and follow-up processes and lower risk of readmissions

reduce operational costs

by automating tasks, adapting pathways to proactively manage risk, virtualizing patient outreach, and utilizing your care teams more efficiently

improve patient compliance & satisfaction 

by customizing and automating care team activities tailored to the needs of patient cohorts as identified and managed by provider population health management platforms

Create your own digital pathways

We’ll show you how to adopt Lean Six Sigma methodology and our pathway technology to create efficient clinical and administrative processes across departments within your hospital and/or across different care settings.

Pathways revolve around a shared, actionable health plan, tracked in real-time. Intelligent automation and protocols lower chance of readmission, deliver maximum patient satisfaction, and make the best use of the resources available.


Lumeon enables providers to design and proactively manage a digital pre-surgical plan of care to tackle the avoidable issues behind delays and cancellations.

Just a few of the many possibilities:


Lumeon enables care transition teams to view real-time patient context and readiness for discharge. The
platform can also dynamically adapt patient discharge criteria, education, and orders according to the
clinical and socio-demographic profiles of each individual.

Just a few of the many possibilities:

Post-acute and follow up

We enable you to design, deploy and operate your digital post-acute pathways across your enterprise and third-party patient support services. Whether your post-acute pathway is a 30-day, 90-day or longer, with Lumeon you can orchestrate the right blend of patient activities to achieve the best results with minimal cost.

Just a few of the many possibilities:


Outsourced diagnostic facilities and third-party management

The Lumeon CPM platform enables hospitals and health systems to connect outsourced services into their patient pathways. This means complete visibility of tasks and activities, fluid integration into the overall care process and additional features such as automation for seamless transfer of care.

Just a few of the many possibilities:


Core capabilities

Care coordination

Our pathway builder allows you to create a single coherent care plan for each patient, facilitating team communication and bringing everyone onto the same page. The pathway dashboard shows the real-time status for all patients, outstanding tasks and next steps.

Risk management

Risk algorithms allow you to alter your pathways based on real-time data supplied by clinicians and patients, that can be auto-scored or however you wish. If scores exceed thresholds you can also auto-escalate cases for review.

Compliance and SLAs

Add SLA timers into tasks that ensure the complex requirements of different health plans and individuals are met at every stage of your pathways. Timers can trigger automated actions or task redistribution before SLAs expire.

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