Integrating telemedicine into your business

Integrating telemedicine into your business

Over the past year or so there has been a considerable shift in attitudes towards telemedicine. Recent surveys have shown 74% of patients in the U.S. are open to using telehealth services.

The challenges come when providers want to integrate telemedicine into centrally managed, standardized processes across the care continuum. This is important to achieve the best outcomes, but also to generate consistent revenue and capture all reimbursable events.

Lumeon’s Care Pathway Management platform allows providers to seamlessly connect virtual and non-virtual events into centrally controlled, system-driven workflows underpinned by intelligent automation.

Lumeon partner with Digital Noema Telehealth (DN Telehealth) a leading provider of telemedicine and remote patient monitoring solutions. Together, we enable providers to prompt the appropriate frequency of telehealth events, set data thresholds for follow-up, and determine how information should be captured before, during and after virtual consultation.

Providing one system of record, our platform allows you to avoid data inconsistencies, and implement scalable telemedicine solutions, that are better for your patients and your bottom line.


A telemedicine solution with centralized control

Lumeon and DN Telehealth’s combined offering allows you to automatically prompt standard patterns of virtual care events. You can create pathways for post-surgical recovery to reduce return to acuity rates, or to manage chronic conditions.

Integrated data across the care continuum

Care Pathway Manager offers real-time monitoring of all patients long after they have left the care setting. The platform acts as a single source of record pulling in data from patients, physicians, call center staff and third party software (e.g. EHRs) so you can orchestrate and automate activities with a complete picture of activity.

Automated risk profiling and alerts

Set data thresholds which must not be exceeded, request data via e-forms from patients and alert practitioners to patients who need additional support. This allows you to scale your ability to manage patients.

Maximized revenue

System-driven, standardized processes ensure all billable activities within the pathway are delivered and billing events are always triggered. This cuts down on administration and means that referrals generate consistent, predictable revenue according to procedure or type of insurance.

Engage patients with dynamically personalized wellbeing plans

Care Pathway Manager allows providers to build custom e-forms to track patient goals throughout treatment as well as sending them medication reminders or activities such as physical therapy exercises.


Advanced analytics

Whether it’s comparing quality scores by different practitioners, the effectiveness of digital wellbeing programs or uptake of telehealth appointments by location, Lumeon Analytics puts a host of clinical and business insights at your fingertips.

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