Introducing Care Pathway Manager: CPM2

Built to deliver value-based care, at scale

Imagine being able to manage millions of patients from a portfolio of care pathways with minimal administrative overhead and keeping clinicians at the top of their license?

CPM2,  our latest version of Care Pathway Manager, will enable care providers to manage huge volumes of patients, without any additional resources, while simultaneously delivering a more responsive service for each patient.

At the heart of this, our enhanced pathway automation engine allows providers to build a programme of automatic activities across the care pathway, It also intelligently responds to data entered by patients, administrators and clinicians, to keep each patient on track with their goal.

Our new app, Lumeon’s Navigator, takes this interaction to the next level, allowing patients to share data and engage with their healthcare provider like never before.

Supporting all of the above, Lumeon Analytics generates powerful insights that can be fed back into our pathway engine, in a process of continual refinement.



Booking APIs

Lumeon’s Booking APIs mean providers can allow patients to search, book, reschedule and pay for a selection of their appointments online.

The APIs can be used as the first touchpoint for a tailored programme of digital interaction, that can include online questionnaires, activities, reminders, supporting information and resources.

They allow you not only to convert more customers online, but to capture details you can use to create a tailored patient experience.



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Advanced automation

We’ve upgraded our pathway engine – the powerhouse behind the automated care pathways that help manage a greater volume of patients and contracts.

Using automation allows providers to plan what information you request from and distribute to patients or third parties, and how this should determine patient progression through care stages. It liberates health professionals from unnecessary admin tasks, while alerting them to data that really does require human decision making.

For patients, it means an efficient healthcare experience with the latest, tailored information, exactly when they need it.



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Lumeon Analytics provides access to real-time clinical and administrative data across any site, down to the individual treatment and patient.

No knowledge of business reporting language is required, and an intuitive interface allows any user to easily create and edit custom branded charts and dashboards.

Discover the impact that varying appointment length has on outcomes, where referral to treatment times are longest or which postcodes generate the highest demand for your services.



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