Coach employees to better wellness - digitally

A new generation of employees expect choice, convenience and long-term return from their health benefits package. Gone are the days of once-off engagement at their annual ‘MOT style’ health screen.

Driven by rising premiums and a need to embed wellness into workplace culture, employers and wellness providers are seeking to empower staff to live better, day-by-day, week by week. Services are broader – covering mental health and chronic conditions. Interaction is more frequent.

The problem is, how do you maintain this in a way that’s scalable, coordinated and cost-effective?

Lumeon’s Care Pathway Management (CPM) platform enables employers and providers to design longitudinal wellness pathways that offer proactive, personalized engagement supported by automation.

Key benefits:

A real-time view of longitudinal wellness pathways

The CPM platform enables you to build a planned program of activities and touchpoints to navigate employees, coaches and care specialists from health assessment through to lifestyle coaching. Members are on a continuous pathway, driven by automation, but dynamically personalized to meet their needs.


Virtual and automated lifestyle coaching

Manage thousands of members without expanding operational overhead, by creating automated step-by-step programs that help individuals live better with long-term conditions or meet personal goals such as weight loss targets.

Lumeon can detect if members start to become disengaged, or stop meeting goals, and intelligently adapt strategies or notify coaches.

A few possibilities

Integrate data from apps/wearables

From fitness trackers to bluetooth scales – add remote health monitoring software into your pathways and build your own escalation activities and operational sequences, based on data integrations.

Personal goal tracking

Health professionals can easily edit automated coaching templates to personalize them for individual employee goals. Timers can also be customized and the platform will notify members and coaches when goals are due to be reviewed.

Incentive/marketing schemes

If you are an employer with your own incentive scheme (e.g. discounted onsite fitness classes) or a wellness provider with their own software, you can integrate this into your pathways. You can also engage members with relevant marketing offers via email.