Helping you optimize your care pathways

What are On-Demand Services?

In addition to our Professional Services and day-to-day support, Lumeon also offer ‘On-Demand’ solutions to help you run Care Pathway Manager in a manner that best supports your business.

These services are designed to help you with requirements that don’t require full-scale project management, and may need to get done relatively rapidly, but still require dedicated experts. These services all include dedicated time with a specialist who will get to grips with your business need, as well as the best operational solution for you.

You can purchase tokens for these services and use them whenever you need, throughout the entire year.

System Healthcheck

Our System Healthcheck service provides an overall picture of the system across each of your sites. Typical questions answered include;  How fast is the system? How many users are on it? How large is the paper archive? Should we be archiving or removing data?


System Process Review

This service evaluates your day-to-day usage of Care Pathway Manager to identify any short-cuts or improved ways of meeting your business needs. It will usually involve on-site shadowing by a Lumeon support team member and a set of recommendations on leveraging further functionality or changing existing work methods.



Report Creation and Customisation

You can produce a range of clinical, operational and financial reports using Care Pathway Manager, and many of our customers are comfortable making small edits to the reports themselves. However, if you need more substantial changes or custom reports to be created from scratch, this is the service for you.


Dashboards and Data Manipulation Service

If you need help creating, modifying or enhancing a custom dashboard e.g. Outstanding Reviewer Reports or Weekly Referrals, you may either need this service or our full professional service. Either way, our support team will sit down with you to scope the project, including any changes to the system required in order to make the dashboards work the way you want them to.


'Just in Time' Training

If you’ve just added one of our exciting new product features, or have a new workflow to implement, Just in Time Training can help you speed up roll-out. Typically an intensive burst of focused training for your superadmin or practitioner users, Just in Time Training can take place on-site or via web session, as you require.


Data Consistency Healthcheck

Care Pathway Manager is able to process a huge amount of financial, clinical and appointment data.  This service analyses your critical data to ensure it is organised in a consistent and logical manner across every site to avoid problems such as mismatched fields, data entry errors or broken reports etc. It will also highlight if you need data cleansing, which we offer as a complementary service.