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SLA Manager

Wednesday July 6th, 2016

Safeguards against breaches by attaching time criteria for completion of care stages, dependent upon clinical urgency or contract. Triggers alerts, reminders, tasks etc. if a breach gets within a certain time-proximity.[list check-small]Reduces fines from breachesHelps you guarantee better service qualityProvides insight into resourcing requirements[/list]

Patient Recall Manager

Reminds clinical staff to make follow-up calls for recently discharged ‘at risk’ patients. Also notifies patients to book general follow-up appointments e.g. 6 months after treatment.[list check-small]Minimises admin time whilst reducing risk of oversightAllows you to monitor new processes/care pathways more carefullyImproves patient experience[/list]

Patient Insurance Checker

Ensures that patients turn up to appointments with the appropriate insurance code in place.[list check-small]Ensures correct insurance codes are in place for each appointmentReminds patients to provide missing informationIntegrates with Healthcode[/list]

Patient DNA/Late Arrival Manager

Helps manage patients who are regularly late or who cancel last minute, by adapting their personalised communication strategy.[list check-small]Helps to improve clinical capacityIncludes ability to automatically charge a fee to deter no showsReduces administration time spent re-arranging appointments last minute[/list]

Debt Chaser

Chases patients or payors with varying degrees of urgency, based on their current balance, how long payments have been outstanding and how large a sum is outstanding.[list check-small]Reduces time spent chasing paymentsIncreases revenue/prevent revenue leakageProvides overview of debtor position when used with Lumeon Analytics[/list]

Billing Manager

Thursday June 30th, 2016

Tracks charges against appointment type, procedure and location and auto-calculates fees according to the patient’s contract.[list check-small]Sends invoices automatically over email and charges DNA fees if required.Saves time by automatically producing invoices and updatesProvides absolute billing accuracy Deters cancellations and no-shows[/list]