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Open Day Manager

Wednesday July 6th, 2016

Allows you to easily book and keep track of the numbers of people you invite to open days or evenings to discuss potential treatments. [list check-small] Avoids disruption to clinics by putting automatic limits on booking slots Allows patients self-check in option for open evenings Reduces staff time by optional automation of follow-up comms [/list]

Customer Nurturing Manager

Enables you to put inbound enquiries, or patients who haven’t been active for a while, onto marketing drip campaigns to promote optional treatment sessions. [list check-small] Promotes your services and improves customer retention Saves time by automating emails and offers Provides data about voucher and special offer popularity [/list]

Customer Net Promoter Scorer

Emails patients after discharge with an online feedback questionnaire. Contains automated rulesets that either publish feedback to popular review sites e.g. Trustpilot or send reviews for internal investigation. [list check-small] Increases the likelihood of obtaining patient feedback Saves time re-keying in data - automatic publishing rules for Trustpilot Helps you to triage feedback and learn from negative comments [/list]