Pathway Feature: Smart postcode lookup

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    Patient Insurance Checker

    Ensures that patients turn up to appointments with the appropriate insurance code in place.

    Debt Chaser

    Chases patients or payors with varying degrees of urgency, based on their current balance, how long payments have been outstanding and how large a sum is outstanding.

    Compliance Manager

    Ensures all clinical and administrative information has been filled out, before patients can be transferred to the next stage. Contains ‘timers’ for actions to be completed before specified SLAs.

    Breast Cancer Diagnostic Manager (under development)

    An efficient breast cancer secondary care pathway designed to minimise bottlenecks in the patient journey. Includes appointment sequencing with automatic resource coordination, referral screening, patient comms and automatic actions to pre-empt Cancer Waiting time breaches.


    Aftercare Support Manager

    Ensures your aftercare is timely and consistent. Automatically keeps you in touch with patients; capturing up-to-date data, providing helpful information and escalating feedback appropriately