Pathway Feature: Trustpilot integration

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Wednesday July 6th, 2016

Emails patients after discharge with an online feedback questionnaire. Contains automated rulesets that either publish feedback to popular review sites e.g. Trustpilot or send reviews for internal investigation. [list check-small] Increases the likelihood of obtaining patient feedback Saves time re-keying in data - automatic publishing rules for Trustpilot Helps you to triage feedback and learn from negative comments [/list]

CT Pathway Manager

Transfers patients through optimised stages of CT diagnosis. This includes pre-scan protocols, scheduling algorithms, patient comms, task list management, PACS report formatting, distribution and invoicing. [list check-small] Provides efficient workflows for each contract, so you can do more with the same resources Improves patient experience & reduces waiting times Improves service level guarantees by pre-empting SLA breaches [/list]

Breast Cancer Diagnostic Manager (under development)

An efficient breast cancer secondary care pathway designed to minimise bottlenecks in the patient journey. Includes appointment sequencing with automatic resource coordination, referral screening, patient comms and automatic actions to pre-empt Cancer Waiting time breaches. [list check-small] Reduces waiting times for appointments and results Improves care coordination and patient experience Produces predictable resource demand [/list] UNDER DEVELOPMENT