Pathway management and automation

Unlock healthcare that's measurable, predictable and scalable

Some of the biggest challenges faced by healthcare providers today stem from poor visibility of their patient journey and inability to coordinate care.

Lumeon has been working with some of the leading names in healthcare to create ‘digital blueprints’ of their care pathways, introducing automation to support value-based care.

Our Care Pathway Management (CPM) platform acts as a virtual command center allowing providers to automate and orchestrate real-time patient progress across the care continuum.

Automation transforms efficiency and profitability. But above all, it helps proactively meet the needs of your patient population in a rapidly changing world.

Key benefits

Population Health Management (PHM)


Value-based care has shifted the emphasis to proactive management of population wellbeing, rather than just fixing things when they go wrong. This relies on increased frequency of interaction with patients, which can be challenging to manage.

Care Pathway Manager can be used to design digital wellbeing pathways that automatically manage huge volumes of people and data and assist physicians to mitigate risk.

We provide real-time visibility of your patient population and the ability to coordinate what happens to patients both inside and outside of the care setting.

Use case: employee wellbeing

A large firm wants to improve employee productivity and reduce insurance premiums. They engage a corporate health provider who uses Care Pathway Manager to proactively manage employees across various risk profiles.

Employees with identified long-term illnesses are transferred to pathways with high-frequency interaction including virtual or on-site consultations, remote health monitoring, digital activity schedules and helpful information about managing their condition.

Employees associated with medium risk categories are monitored slightly less frequently but are sent a program of activities that help them achieve lifestyle goals (e.g. losing weight) and may also be prompted to complete regular telemonitoring. Everyone else is maintained on low-frequency pathways.

Throughout the employee population, if data breaches thresholds determined by physicians, Care Pathway Manager automatically notifies them. This allows them to intervene early before issues escalate.

From analytics to action

Many population health management tools don’t provide immediate access to population data, or a robust mechanism for rapidly updating your processes.

Care Pathway Manager is different because it displays data in real-time and integrates information across multiple EMRs and third-party software.

Lumeon Analytics helps you analyze unified clinical and financial data, while our system-driven, pathway approach enables you to make faster operational updates for better care delivery.


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