Our approach to Care Pathway Management

Automate your existing pathways or explore ‘off the shelf’ options

The Care Pathway Management approach is designed to help improve the efficiency of operational processes that support clinical best practice.

Whether you’re accountable for delivering end-to-end care for a patient population, or a smaller episode of care, we have pathways to meet your needs. We operate across multiple organizational and functional silos to deliver standardized workflows, better process visibility and measurable outcomes.


Behind each stage of the patient journey is a powerful pathway engine with its own intelligent capabilities, enabling you to create your own rules to link pathways together to suit your organization.

Depending on your needs, we’ll work with you to automate your own pathways, or support you to deploy best practice pathways from our Marketplace.

Post-acute pathway

Our pathway builder allows you to create longitudinal workflows (or ‘pathways’ as we like to call them), that can involve any combination of activities. The Lumeon team can help you crystalize your ‘best practice’ sequences that are unique to your organization. They will then work with you to deploy and instrument the pathway across all your care settings, ensuring patients are proactively engaged, while running lightning-speed operations that significantly reduce clinician workload.

Of course, the graphic below is just an illustration of how we can help you introduce processes to reduce risk in post-acute care pathways. To find out about Lumeon’s ‘pre-packaged’ pathway suite, or to discuss how we can assist you designing your own, please get in touch.


A new way to share care pathways

Creating, updating and deploying care pathways is time-consuming and expensive. You need to accelerate your time to realizing better care at lower cost.

The Lumeon Care Pathway Marketplace is an online directory where you can find and share state-of-the-art care pathways. Our pathways are evidence-based and fully operational in leading healthcare providers, allowing you direct access to recognized best practice and deployment support.

Pockets of care pathway excellence exist across the globe. We want to enable healthcare providers to share their best practice operational formulas that make more efficient use of resources and focus staff on value-adding activities.


Be part of defining care pathways of the future

Our community brings together academic, clinical and operational healthcare pioneers to establish innovative ‘gold standard’ care pathways that generate better practice across the entire healthcare system.

The community functions as the think tank and test bed behind the Care Pathway Marketplace.

Together we are developing state-of-the-art, technology-enabled care pathways that will be shared for wider benefit, to deliver better healthcare at lower cost.