Evolving from patient reminders to patient pathways

Sending patient reminders prior to appointments has been proven to significantly lower no-show rates, saving you time, and helping maintain revenues. But why end there?

Patient reminders are a mere blip on the radar across the entire patient journey – there are so many more opportunities to proactively keep patients engaged.

In this webinar, you will learn about innovative ways health providers are bridging from simple reminders to pathways in order to reduce operating room cancellations, help patients rapidly recover after surgery, ensure compliance to recall protocols, and comprehensively manage chronic disease.

Join speakers Andrew Wyatt, COO at Lumeon and Rick Halton, VP Product and Marketing, as they discuss real-life examples of how patient reminders can evolve into automated pathways, boosting revenue, compliance and patient satisfaction scores.


Key learning points:

Date: Jan 31 2018
11:00-12:00 EST

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Andrew Wyatt, COO,


Rick Halton, VP Product and Marketing