Dynamically tailor your processes to boost patient satisfaction scores

Patient satisfaction scores (such as HCAPS) are increasingly important for healthcare executives – not only because of closer ties to reimbursement, but also as patients shop around more for services.

Reflecting patient preferences in care delivery is set to play an even more important role in scoring matrixes. In reality, this can be hard to implement – especially if care teams aren’t prompted to put it into practice.

Lumeon’s digital patient preference surveys allow you to explicitly capture patient preferences upfront and (should you require) automatically update their personalized care plan. This means care processes automatically reflect patient preferences – from communications and transport logistics, to discharge and follow-up protocols.

Preference forms are an excellent starting point to address satisfaction scores, enabling you to bridge into a broader pathway solution when you are ready.

Key benefits:

Key features

Lumeon enables providers to create and automatically distribute patient preference surveys, based on health plan or episode of care.

They can also be linked to feedback forms sent at different stages of the patient journey, with auto-escalation to patient representatives if scores fall outside of thresholds.


A few key features: