Keep patients on track throughout their care journey

Automating patient reminders has been proven to lower no-show rates, and increase revenue by reducing last-minute cancellations and increasing resource utilization.

But it’s not only appointments that patients need to be reminded about. Wouldn’t it be useful to send notifications when they needed to take medication, book transport, complete rehabilitation classes or return for a series of check-ups? What if you could automatically trigger different activities based on their responses?

Lumeon’s patient reminder solution provides an easily deployable solution for bi-directional email, voice and text communication with patients and caregivers. All patients can be tracked in configurable dashboards and, where necessary, escalated to a care manager.

Patient reminders are the perfect starting point to launch patient pathways to orchestrate and automate key digital touchpoints throughout the patient journey.

Key benefits:

Key features

Lumeon’s appointment reminder solution contains all the tools you need to keep in touch with patients, whether you want to use it to simply trigger reminders before a particular visit or maintain patients on a pre-planned sequence of appointments.


A few key features:

From digital touchpoint to digital pathway

The illustrative pathway below shows how bi-directional patient reminders can be used to manage a diabetic patient through a series of regular screening and check-up appointments, including timers, auto-chasing and e-questionnaires.


Use cases

Appointment reminders 

Send patients confirmation that their referral has been accepted as well as appointment reminders via a variety of channels, according to their preferences. You can enable simple ‘yes’ or ‘no’ patient responses via SMS or, in the case of robocalls, instruct them how to enter on their keypad.  Option to trigger automated actions such as sending the patient an email with an invitation to re-book online, or tasking staff to call them back.

Pre-procedure prep

Send straightforward preparation instructions with links to maps or reminders about what to bring to appointments, or use information collated about the patient e.g. through online forms to dynamically tailor content. For example, diabetic patients can be sent different automated fasting instructions.

Post-acute care/chronic condition management

Automatically notify patients when they need to complete key activities such as physical therapy, take medications or fill in digital risk assessment forms.  Send chasing SMS/email and/or escalate to care teams if confirmation is not obtained. Calculate intervals at which patients need to be recalled, based on risk profile, in order to manage complex conditions such as COPD – even across different care settings.


Real-life examples of how to more effectively deploy patient reminders as part of digital pathways