Take the friction out of care delivery with ‘care traffic control’ ​

Despite the prevalence of EHRs, care teams are still lacking the ability to simply coordinate care activity throughout time.​ Today, care coordination remains a manually intensive task, often suffering from information gaps, poor transitions and handoffs and inconsistent follow-up.​

Lumeon enables care teams to focus on delivering optimally coordinated care, according to an evidence-based pathway, dynamically tailored to the needs of each patient.​

Key benefits:



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What if healthcare worked a little more like air travel? Learn more about our care coordination capabilities​.

A command and control center for automated care operations​

Presenting a ‘helicopter’ view of the entire care pathway for each care team member, Lumeon tracks patient status across key milestones, with the ability to zoom in to view key patient data as required.

The platform will automatically perform low-risk tasks and chase required information across the spectrum of care providers.

It enables care managers to easily track progress, view upcoming actions, expedite tasks and troubleshoot problems if escalated by the pathway logic. ​​

Lumeon care coordination

Example heart failure post-acute pathway activity view showing key milestones and who is responsible for upcoming tasks. 

Extend coordination beyond four walls​ of your setting

Lumeon enables distributed care professionals such as nutritionists, home health agencies, physical therapists, patient educators and hospital-based teams to more effectively collaborate, around a single care plan. The plan is kept up to date based on information gathered at reviews, as well as patient-generated data.

​Automated digital care journeys deliver much more efficient and predictable care, while involving patients from start to finish, to deliver the best possible experience.​

A few capabilities:


Extend coordination beyond four walls​ of your setting

CPM care team coordination capabilities​

Care planning

Create electronic care plans that unite teams across specialties, (or even care settings if required) showing task updates, results and patient progress in a real-time pathway visualization. Also includes team task lists with traffic light scoring.​


Outcomes & monitoring​

Automated e-Forms/SMS and device integration allows you to keep track of patient progress between in-person visits or calls. Patients can be auto-escalated for review when data breaches acceptable thresholds.​


Enable your staff to work at the top of their license using system-driven task assignment according to patient risk scores and activity type. This ensures the most appropriate resource (both human and automated) is allocated to each patient.



Reduce manual data entry with electronic referral processing, while automated referrer liaison reduces back and forth with information requests. Additional option to auto-screen referrals according to your clinical/financial criteria.​


Streamline the pre-operative process and prevent unnecessary testing by using ordering algorithms. Create your own algorithm or use our pre-built one and present an auto-generated test list back to nurses or referring surgeons for approval.



Automate patient recall at the designated period, based on appointment type or patient risk profile. Choose to recall the patient as a singular, urgent action or assign them to a pathway with pre-determined recall intervals. ​

Providers are in need of a central digital command center that will create, communicate, update, action and report customized care plans for patients.

Lumeon has pioneered the deployment of standardized care pathways capable of seamlessly coordinating care within and outside of hospitals.”

Frost & Sullivan 2019 Care Coordination Product Line Strategy Leadership Award.


Frost and Sullivan 2019 Best Practices