Helping health systems unify processes and keep patient data up-to-date

These days, the healthcare interoperability challenge is less about technology and more about people, processes, and culture. The fundamental issues we face are an overwhelming burden on the health system and their staff to keep data up-to-date. Without recent and relevant data, we cannot make sound decisions.

Thankfully, today we need to worry less about the technicalities of interfacing systems, but more about:

  • Data Unification:  the harmonization of data dictionaries
  • Data Review:  automatically detecting suspect, aged, or missing data
  • Data Collection:  automated process for collecting up-to-date data from both patients or clinicians
  • Data Availability:  ensuring access to fresh, timely, and meaningful data.

The Lumeon platform helps ensure data interoperability by automating and orchestrating the unification, review, collection, and availability of patient data around your Electronic Health Record (EHR) system.

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Frost & Sullivan U.S. Interoperability Report
Lumeon featured as a top 10 vendor

Interoperability Market, 2020

Interoperability has become a critical consideration for all health IT (HIT) applications. Regulatory agencies are embracing forward-thinking policies that advocate the need for all the leading vendors to become fully interoperable with each other.

The objective is to drive a progressive digital healthcare model, that is, a standardized, collaborative, and multidisciplinary yet modular approach that is based on an application programming interface (API).

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