Introducing our Care Pathway Management (CPM) platform

Lumeon’s Care Pathway Management (CPM) platform allows healthcare providers to create digital pathways that optimize care delivery and fluidly guide patients and care teams throughout the continuum.

Using the CPM platform, providers can leverage intelligent automation and orchestration to manage a shared plan of care across multiple teams and settings, automatically adjusting activities and deploying the right resource required for each individual.

The platform uses real-time data captured from patients, care teams and bi-directional integration with software such as EHRs, to keep everyone on course, presenting a ‘care-traffic control’ view of patient progress and automating tasks where possible.


An intelligent command center for healthcare operations

The Lumeon CPM platform enables you to create your own digital care plans, either using our pathway templates or your own.

It then presents a real-time view of progress back to all care teams, allocating tasks to the most appropriate professional, sending activities, questionnaires and reminders to patients and automatically progressing them through an appropriate pathway.

Enabling care that is:

Start small and expand

Not a rip and replace solution

Highly configurable

All you need to improve operational efficiency

Engagement Layer
The engagement layer provides the user interface (UI) for the care team, care navigator, and administrator.  The UI may be projected into 3rd-party system, such as into an EHR screen. It also enables a digital patient experience whether that be over email, text, voice or portal.

Assets Layer
Assets provide the suite of capabilities and content, such as assessments, screening forms, checklists, call scripts, letters, appointment types, and class types, that support the client solution.

Orchestration Layer
In this platform layer the workflow is configured together with businesses rules and decision support intelligence to deliver risk stratified pathways. Business rules include milestones, activities, decision nodes, scores, timers, escalations, and SLAs.

Integration Layer
The integration layer provides the ability to import csv files and exchange data and files through HL7, FHIR, APIs, and DICOM. With the new API integration framework workflow can be made API aware and custom APIs can be developed quickly, such as SMS alerts or EHR.

Analytics Layer
As an optional extra, the CPM platform offers a comprehensive reporting capability, allow clients to report on patients, capacity and resources, outcomes, and business metrics.