Introducing Care Pathway Manager

Care Pathway Manager is our cloud-based platform that provides a single, real-time view of the entire continuum of care.

Lumeon integrates clinical and administrative data onto one ‘master’ platform, and gives providers the ability to design new digital operational models and supporting workflows. We work with providers to transform the way they engage patients, measure and track outcomes and orchestrate their healthcare networks.

Rather than being a ‘rip and replace’ solution, our focus is integration and coexistence with your existing infrastructure.

Pathway management and automation  – ability to digitally coordinate your care processes, introducing automation to reduce manual tasks and intelligently optimize your business

Digital patient engagement – digital patient interaction with real-time updates using automated programs and physician feedback (via app, web-portal, virtual consultation, email etc.)

Analytics – advanced clinical or business analytics to identify performance improvements, from data collated from patients, providers and third parties across the care continuum

APIs and Integrations

Lumeon Care Pathway Manager is not designed to be a ‘rip and replace’ system, but can sit above your existing software as the main ‘orchestrator’ of care delivery.

Care Pathway Manager interacts with external systems through its unique rule-based pathway engine. Supporting this, a flexible integration layer has the ability to integrate data from EMRs, EHRs, clinical systems, diagnostic systems and revenue assurance software using HL7 feeds.

The platform also hosts an FHIR API that is compatible with the latest FHIR standards.

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