Standardize your follow-up procedures

Standardizing recall processes enables proactive follow-up, better long-term outcomes and improved revenue forecasting.

Complex manual processes often stand in the way of achieving this, but Care Pathway Manager can solve this problem using automation and inbuilt timers.

The platform can automatically remind patients about upcoming appointments via email, text or by transferring them into different priority call lists. It can also prompt contact centers or physicians to call patients in the weeks after discharge if their digital health data indicates a check-up is required.

Care Pathway Manager can act like a CRM, enhancing your ability to build longer-term relationships with patients and sending incentives or rewards for making appointments.

Key benefits:

Use case

A leading provider of corporate health screening is using Care Pathway Manager to monitor patients after their health assessment. Patients and physicians agree a goal during assessment which automatically triggers various e-questionnaires that are sent to the patient a week after discharge.

Depending on the data captured from these questionnaires, patients are transferred into high or low priority call back lists. The process of monitoring and call back continues until the patient meets their goal.

Care Pathway Manager also calculates whether patients should be recalled at 6, 12 or 18 month intervals and what type of health assessment they are eligible for, according to their job tier. It sends the patients email reminders to book appointments and transfers them into call lists if they haven’t booked within a certain time-period.