Scaling corporate wellness programs

Scaling corporate wellness programs

Demand for corporate wellness services is rising – with more than half of US corporates now offering this to their employees. But the format of the Health Risk Assessment has changed. There’s much greater emphasis on longer-term engagement and comprehensive follow-up activities, involving lifestyle coaching, gamification programs, and chronic condition management.

To stay ahead, you need to demonstrate that you can not only efficiently maintain a large volume of people, but also provide an engaging, multi-dimensional service that adds value.

Lumeon Care Pathway Manager enables providers or third party administrators to create innovative digital wellness programs, that are easily managed via a central system with intelligent automation and real-time tracking.

We’ve helped industry-leading wellness providers create new operational models that coordinate in-person, virtual and automated events, for a stand-out patient experience that’s easy to scale.

Benefit from:

• our unique pathway approach – allowing you to assign every patient to a longitudinal pathway, connecting care teams other software (e.g. from remote health monitoring devices) into a centrally controlled workflow

• our flexible intelligent automation capabilities – allowing digital interaction and management of large volumes of patients, using risk thresholds and dynamic personalization


Automated risk profile alerts

Manage risk in your employee population using automated alerts when patient data goes out of threshold. We can trigger alerts based on customizable patient e-questionnaires that can track activities completed, subjective data or readings from remote health monitoring devices.

Digital employee engagement

Log personal goals for employees in Care Pathway Manager and automatically trigger a program of activities, resources and e-forms and timers that track their progress. You can also prompt standard intervals of follow-up calls or virtual consultations. Every health practitioner can see historical and current goal activity.

Advanced care coordination

Rather than relying on spreadsheets or technology that only works in silos, we can help you create a digitized operational model, with central, real-time control of the entire employee journey. This means less staff training and faster roll out of new programs.

Improved VOI (value-on-investment) data

Lumeon Analytics allows providers to track engagement levels, as well as comparing how effective practitioners or particular digital wellbeing plans are at achieving patient goals. Make data-driven decisions to scale your operations more effectively.

Integrated telehealth solutions

We partner with Digital Noema Telehealth to provide a centrally coordinated telehealth solution that’s fully integrated into your pathways. Automatically prompt virtual care events and reminders to easily scale telehealth solutions, without the administrative burden.

Reduced administration

Creating your own digital pathways means you can have predictable standardized events with automated billing triggers for your financial software. Generate optimum appointments with our intelligent scheduling algorithms and pre-fill text and charts on health assessment reports with our clinical documenting tools.

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