From study protocol to automated pathway - a new way of delivering clinical trials at scale

In order to guarantee patient safety and run as many valid trials as possible, removing operational variation in clinical studies is essential for Site Management Organizations (SMOs).

Until now, there has been no easy way to take each clinical study and translate it into a single end-to-end operational workflow that’s digitally controlled. The result is that trial coordination and compliance is an intensely manual process, restricting how many studies you can handle at any one time.

The Lumeon Care Pathway Management (CPM) platform offers an innovative way to create standardized digital operational procedures for each study.

It enables providers of clinical trial services to create their own end-to-end workflows that include custom automation rules, pathway timers, e-checklists and activity protocols. This means you can seamlessly guide participants through standardized processes from recruitment through to study conclusion.

Our platform powers some of the largest Site Management Organizations in the world, helping scale their operations and reinforce their reputation for quality.


reduce operational costs

by reducing administrative burden across the care pathway, using flexible automation rulesets that control appointment windows, screening protocols etc.

ensure better compliance and patient safety

by incorporating ‘time-window’ tracking algorithms and SLA breach avoidance actions as well as automated patient reminders and guidance

deploy faster, more targeted recruitment

by using our advanced data mining, marketing campaigns, screening algorithms and e-checklists for rapid and rigorous adherence to study protocols

Create your own digital pathway

The Lumeon Care Pathway Management (CPM) platform enables your project managers to take study protocols and easily transform them into dynamic end-to-end workflows (or ‘pathways’ as we call them).

Your pathways can include standard tasks, algorithms and automated activities that control pre-screening, data collection, informed consent, reimbursement thresholds, appointment windows and more.

Recruitment and pre-screening

Recruitment is likely to be one of your biggest operational challenges – with providers losing up to $1.3 million for each day a trial is delayed due to lack of participants. Lumeon’s advanced search and screening protocols help make this process easier.

Just a few of the many possibilities:

Informed consent and screening

Your digital pathway can automatically transfer eligible patients into the contact plan managed at your site. It can then calculate and prompt clinical professionals to execute the required data capture and in-person tests for the particular study. As soon as patient and administrator agree on the first appointment, you can start a pathway timer that ensures all study windows are met effortlessly.

Just a few of the many possibilities:

Randomization, trial operations and schedules of visit

Your pathway can include different digital protocols that guide staff through data collection at randomization and at key points throughout the rest of the trial. It will also automatically calculate the right intervals at which patients need to return for either virtual or in-person check-ups and pathology, making trial compliance simple and easy to manage.

Just a few of the many possibilities:


Reporting and continued engagement

At the end of the trial, your pathway will prompt final data collection and appropriate patient discharge processes. You can continue to engage patients after suitable time periods have elapsed, to see if they are suitable for other studies. The system has captured all data about the patient’s operational pathway, which can inform future digital pathways.

Just a few of the many possibilities:

Core capabilities

Digital pathway and timers

Transform study protocols into digital pathways that include all the automation rules and tasks required to execute the study, including calculation of appointment suggestions that fit study windows. If study guidelines are updated once a trial has already begun, your digital pathways can dynamically re-calculate intervals.

Advanced patient engagement

Create a seamless clinical trial experience for patients, including more virtual visits (where possible), online booking options via our APIs, streamlined data capture for swifter visits, automated appointment reminders and even remote monitoring devices that can feed data back into your pathway.

Rapid recruitement and reporting

Benefit from advanced data mining capabilities, APIs into clinical databases, patient lists and the ability to run and report on marketing campaigns from the system. You can also develop automated checklists and protocols for call centers enabling non-clinical staff to safely screen patients.

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