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Using automation to optimize outcomes-based care

Lumeon Care Pathway Manager allows hospitals to automate and orchestrate workflows that deliver next-generation digital patient engagement and value-based care.

Care Pathway Manager integrates data from your existing software into a single consolidated view, allowing you to coordinate care across the entire care continuum and enhance automated, in-person, or virtual patient interaction. We provide real-time visibility and control where traditional software struggles – particularly in the critical stages after a patient leaves your hospital.

The Care Pathway Management approach improves efficiency, maximizes reimbursement and helps patients achieve their personal goals.



maximize reimbursement

by pro-actively reducing complications using patient education and intelligent data feedback programs

improve profitability

by automating internal operations, making better use of clinician time and using advanced analytics to compare  performance

enhance your brand

by digitizing the patient experience, creating more responsive patient outreach and publishing outcomes data

Minimize surgical complications to reduce readmissions

Prior to procedures

Maximizing the chance of a successful outcome begins with good patient preparation. Hospitals can use Care Pathway Manager to capture patient data and ensure patients are fully prepared for surgery or procedures. Content is automatically tailored around their health profile and can be sent via patient’s preferred channel.

Data gathered from patients can be also used to assign them to risk-profile categories for physician assessment. This helps prioritize ‘at risk’ patients and prepare targeted pre- and post-procedure support.


Post surgery

Care Pathway Manager can connect with patients after surgery, allocating them to a digital contact plan and prompting them to share health and wellbeing data. Their digital pathway might also include personalized activities e.g. physical therapy exercises, or other health tips and guidance.

Daily goal-tracking data can be used to focus early intervention by alerting physicians when data goes out of threshold or by triggering other activities e.g. transferring the patient into a call list.



Improve patient engagement and satisfaction

Using Care Pathway Manager means you can personalize each patient’s healthcare journey, providing the right information and relevant resources, exactly when they need it.

Providers can use automation to shape the patient journey, based on each individual’s data. For example, if a patient is diabetic or on blood thinners, you can automatically send them different instructions about fasting and reminders about how to manage their medicine, before and after surgery.

Find out more about our care companion app, Lumeon Navigator.



Identify clinical improvements and financial opportunities

Hospitals have traditionally struggled to obtain comprehensive outcomes data across their patient census. Lumeon Analytics puts an end to this – tracking, comparing and analysing data from patients and physicians until a full recovery is made.

This allows you to compare how effective individual clinicians, treatments or digital engagement programs are at achieving a desired outcome. You can then drill down into patient data to see whether certain pathways work better for sub-sections of your population.

Hospitals can also explore where they can grow revenue e.g. which services are increasing in popularity, or if there are untapped sources of referral traffic.



Telehealth and virtual care solutions

Telehealth is becoming an increasingly important tool to help manage transitions of care and reduce return to acuity (RTA) rates.

Lumeon partners with DNTelehealth, a leader provider of integrated telemedicine and remote patient monitoring solutions, to help automatically coordinate this process. We translate the care plan generated when a patient leaves hospital into a standardized pathway with automated rulesets that control the frequency of telehealth events and reminders.

This not only means that your patients receive consistent support, but has the added benefit of ensuring you maximize the number of billable events across the pathway.

What makes a 'good' healthcare experience?

Which areas of the patient journey need most improvement? How does technology impact the patient experience? We asked 500 US citizens to document their views.

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