Using process automation to transform care delivery

Lumeon’s Care Pathway Management (CPM) platform orchestrates and automates patient journeys and provides visibility of the entire care continuum.

Our unique automation capabilities allow providers to improve clinical and operational efficiency and solve some of the key challenges of modern healthcare.

Whether it’s preventing readmissions to maximize reimbursement, fluidly managing care transitions to improve patient satisfaction, or automating tasks so you can manage more patients, our flexible platform can help you stay ahead of the market.

Leading global healthcare organizations run their business on the Lumeon Care Pathway Management platform. Every day, it orchestrates the delivery of care across millions of patient journeys. A broad variety of market solutions are available.

What our customers say

Lumeon just works – whether it’s from our main offices or our satellite sites. Care Pathway Manager is always available and is continuing to help us do new, innovative things to make our service better for our clients and patients.
Magnus Kauders, CEO for Blossoms Healthcare