Reduce delays and ensure on-time discharge

Putting a systematic discharge process in place is critical to avoid the costs, penalties and patient dissatisfaction associated with an unnecessarily extended length of stay.

Lack of appropriate discharge criteria, inadequate care team coordination, and missing data are frequently indicated as causes behind delays.

Lumeon enables providers to create their own digital care pathway that includes optimized discharge protocols for better coordinated, swifter care transitions.

Using automation, advanced care team coordination and digital patient engagement, Lumeon’s platform can unite care teams around a single, real-time plan for patient discharge readiness.

Key benefits:

1,000 bed days saved per year

Find out how one leading NHS trust saved an estimated 1,000 bed days per annum with Lumeon


Discharge pathways

Pathway library

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Discharge coordination

Alleviate the need for whiteboards and manual care team coordination, by instigating system-driven discharge.

Lumeon’s platform enables multi-disciplinary teams to work together more effectively, by automatically tasking individuals to complete reviews, book follow-up appointments, and organize TTOs etc.

The entire care team can be granted access to a real-time view of patient progress across key discharge milestones, avoiding wasted time spent chasing information or waiting for handovers.

In the background Lumeon autonomously performs other tasks, such as chasing laboratory results.


A few features:


Platform showing discharge status

Patient readiness

Ensure patients and care teams are thoroughly prepared for discharge, using protocols and checklists as well as automated eQuestionnaires to assess patient understanding.

Lumeon provides a traffic-light case management dashboard which displays an overview of patient statuses to ward managers. Scores indicate overrunning discharge tasks, or results flagged from patient questionnaires, enabling swift intervention or additional briefings where required.

Meanwhile, the platform can also automatically notify the patient’s carer or family about likely discharge times and logistics.

A few features:

Care transitions

Digital care pathways mean smoother care transitions because patients cannot be discharged until all risk-based criteria are met. The Lumeon platform also gathers all the information required for post-acute teams, including patient-generated data from home risk assessment forms that might impact recovery.

If you are operating under more advanced value-based care models, Lumeon’s ability to extend the care plan across teams and settings, means even greater connectivity with your post-acute partners.

Patients can be assigned to risk-based follow-up pathways with varying frequency of digital or in-person review. This includes a shared plan for medication management, post-acute activities, personal goals and outcomes.