Reduce your no-show rate with high performance
patient appointment reminders

Lumeon’s appointment reminder solution enables leading healthcare providers to save millions of dollars of revenue each year, that would otherwise have been lost.

Unlike other vendors, Lumeon offers complete flexibility over the way you build, measure and adapt automated appointment reminder workflows, incorporating next-generation patient interaction.

But it doesn’t end there. Providers can start with appointment reminders and connect more capabilities to build their own virtual patient journeys, automatically orchestrated by our pathway engine.

Demo appointment reminders


a mobile phone showing an automated patient appointment reminder

Step 1: Build your appointment reminder workflows

Two-way interaction <br> (text, voice, email)

Two-way interaction
(text, voice, email)

Engage via a patient’s preferred communication channel and trigger responses based on their reply

Appointment reminders in 40+ languages

Appointment reminders in 40+ languages

Sending messages to patients in their native language helps significantly reduce no-shows

EHR integration

EHR integration

Keep appointment confirmations and cancellations automatically synchronized with your EHR or scheduling system

Telehealth appointment reminders

Telehealth appointment reminders

Seamlessly switch to video conferences, by automatically including a link in your reminders and instructions



Bulk reschedule patients if their physician becomes unavailable or send notifications if you need to close clinics unexpectedly

Analytics & predictive dashboards

Analytics & predictive dashboards

Test different message types, analyze performance and predict appointment types likely to generate no-shows

Step 2: Add additional appointment reminder capabilities

Appointment updates

Referral appointment reminders

Remind patients to book appointments once referrals have been approved

rx refill reminders

RX refill

Send patients a reminder, including pick-up location, when medications need to be filled

Patient interacting with message


Automatically offer new slots to patients who no-show/cancel, to prevent revenue loss


Step 3: Compose the journey beyond appointment reminders

Gradually build connected patient journeys, that improve the care experience for everyone.


Patient journey

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In just one month after implementing the first stages of Lumeon we saw no-shows reduce markedly. The value of Lumeon is highlighted by the flexibility of the product.”

Laurie Johnson, Executive Administrator of Ambulatory Services, Keck Medicine of USC.

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