Ease Nursing Team Burden with Automation

The process of getting patients ready for surgery and procedures is manually intensive, difficult to coordinate, and places an intense burden on pre-op nursing teams.

Lumeon’s preoperative readiness solution helps care teams manage more volume with less effort through digital automation that streamlines the pre-op process.

Instead of applying a one-size-fits-all approach, Lumeon delivers personalized, digital engagement to each patient. Low-risk patients are fast-tracked to light-touch care journeys, reducing unnecessary in-person visits and lab tests. Higher-risk patients are triaged to bring attention to risk-factors, missing labs or tests, or required telephone or in-person consults. The result is consistent, high-quality care for every patient, every time.

Our preoperative readiness solution alleviates stress on your teams, and ensures more patients are ready on time, well-informed, and confident about their upcoming surgery or procedure.

Key benefits:

mobile showing pre-surgical anaesthesia form
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