Using automation to improve care quality and capacity

Lumeon Care Pathway Manager allows UK providers to manage more patients with the same resources, and revolutionize the way patients digitally interact with them.

Our platform provides complete visibility of all care processes and introduces automation to transform efficiency.

Today, Lumeon works with some of the UK’s leading independent providers to deliver a 21st century healthcare experience, intelligently optimized towards cost-efficiency and the best possible outcome.

All of this is achievable without necessarily replacing any of your existing software.


increase patient volume & improve efficiency

by using intelligent automation and efficiency algorithms, and through patient self-service options (e.g. online booking /self-monitoring)

increase patient satisfaction & brand loyalty

by providing a digitally enabled, responsive healthcare service and by using our CRM functionality to ensure you regularly keep in touch with patients

provide controlled customization

by standardizing pathways, but also controlling parameters by which they are automatically tailored to meet the goals/preferences of individual patients or clients.

Digitize the patient journey

Manage more patients with the same resources and improve patient experience

Digitizing the patient journey with Lumeon allows you to increase booking volume, make life more convenient for patients, and process patient data more intelligently.

Care Pathway Manager allows providers to create their own digital care programs that remind patients about appointments, prepare them for procedures or surgery, track goal progress and provide activities to keep them on track. They can also be used to upsell services or remind patients about 6 or 12 month check-ups.

Providers are able to vary the content and frequency of these automated communications, based on appointment type or patient profile. Patients can choose to engage via email, web-portal, SMS or our care companion app – Lumeon Navigator.

It doesn’t stop at one-way interaction however. Our intelligent rulesets can also trigger different activities, based on patient behavior or data they share. This means that providers don’t have to reply on staff proactively phoning patients, instead the system can monitor data and suggest when intervention is necessary.

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Increase revenue from packaged services for self-pay patients

With the self-pay market set to grow at over 3% per annum, many private providers are looking to increase the number of packaged products available to this segment.

Each package involves careful care-coordination different services e.g. diagnostics, orthopaedics, and physiotherapy, patient communications, booking eligibility rules, staff, rooms and resources.

Lumeon allows providers to rapidly create pathways for each self-pay package with standardized processes that manage self-pay processes from booking to discharge. This avoids asset wastage and maintains high care standards.

We also make outcome tracking and publishing easier, so you can differentiate your services to prospective self-pay patients.

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Maximize capacity, resources & physician time

Maximize capacity and resources

Care Pathway Manager’s scheduling engine can present optimum appointments using automation rules that cluster appointments, avoid gaps in diaries or limit the type/frequency of appointments that can be booked. This can be based on current capacity, treatment path or patient contract.

Our platform will calculate and deploy the right communications plans, equipment, rooms and staff required, making booking processes up to 50% faster.

Keep physicians working at the top of their license

As well as eliminating administration, Care Pathway Manager’s automation rules can be used to assign appropriate tasks or cases to physicians based on complexity and ‘won’t treat’ lists.

For example, if a patient is diabetic, an automation rule can present appointments only with relevant Ophthalmic specialists.  If a referral for an MRI scan meets basic referral criteria, an automation rule can allocate it to a lower-tier of staff for review, only sending complex cases to senior staff.

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Increase NHS business

Lumeon helps private providers integrate seamlessly with NHS infrastructure and deliver unbeatable value to Trusts and CCGs. Our customers are amongst the leading suppliers to the NHS and together we’ve developed automated pathways that reduce wastage, protect SLAs and deliver value-driven care.

Lumeon allows customers to build tailored pathways that deliver care exactly as per each Trust’s requirements (e.g. which appointment sequences are established, how reports are formatted,  SLAs, billing etc.)

This is managed through intelligent automation rules, which also generally reduce administration, maximize capacity and enable referrals to be processed more quickly.


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Drive new business and clinical opportunities

Lumeon Analytics allows providers to analyze the impact of any clinical or administrative process on overall outcomes. This means you can monitor the performance of both individual doctors and supporting digital automation programs, in order to spread best practice for a particular outcome.

You can also use the data collated to segment your patients and work out whether a certain type of pre or post-discharge communication plan tends to work better for particular groups e.g. those of a certain age.

Lumeon Analytics can also reveal where you can grow revenue e.g. which services are increasing in popularity, or if there are untapped sources of referral traffic.


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What makes a 'good' healthcare experience?

Which areas of the patient journey need most improvement? How does technology impact the patient experience? We asked 500 UK citizens to document their views.

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