Solutions for Wellness Service Providers

Using automation to deliver proactive, scalable wellness programs

Over the past decade, there has been increased emphasis on proactively maintaining employee wellbeing. The rise of digital health technology means more wellbeing information is being exchanged every day than ever before.

This creates its own challenges.  Inconsistencies in processing and integrating a huge volume of data can make employee populations difficult to monitor and engage.

Lumeon enables providers to create standardized digital wellbeing pathways that track real-time progress of all employees – coordinating virtual and non-virtual care events, and intelligently automating data monitoring and alerts.


scale your operations without increasing headcount

using intelligent automation to run digital wellbeing programs and support virtual care monitoring

standardize care processes and improve profitability

by creating workflows that ensure care consistency and that all billable activities are delivered

differentiate your services and deliver measurable ROI

by digitizing the patient experience and tracking engagement and outcomes in near real-time

Proactively manage risk across patient populations

Lumeon Care Pathway Manager enables providers to build templated pathways that dictate the frequency and type of interaction that should take place, and who should get involved and when. This is based on physician risk assessment and patient insurance level.

Risk is actively managed within the population by automatically prompting patients to share wellbeing data at regular intervals throughout treatment.  Care Pathway Manager automatically monitors data and alerts physicians when it goes out of threshold.

This allows providers to manage cases by exception, but also proactively intervene to avoid unplanned hospitalizations.

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Enhance your services with virtual care solutions

Lumeon partners with Digital Noema Telehealth (DNTelehealth), a leading provider of telemedicine and remote patient monitoring, to trigger virtual care events across your pathway.

Our joint telehealth capabilities help mitigate the chances of patients moving back up the risk scale, using remote monitoring health kits and virtual consultation, underpinned by standardized workflows and automated alerts.

Care Pathway Manager improves real-time care co-ordination, standardizes follow-up processes and ensures all billable activities within the pathway are delivered.


Personalize employee engagement programs

From apps and portals to digital wellbeing resources, Lumeon provides flexible and personalized employee engagement.

For example, patients can be automatically emailed weekly digital activity plans and resources, that are particular to the lifestyle goals agreed during their assessment. Providers can build templated sequences of automated communications, incentives and call-back activities, in order to keep employees on track.

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Measure ROI with advanced analytics

Lumeon Analytics helps providers track clinical and financial data across their employee population in near real-time.

You can compare how successful different cohorts of your population have been at achieving their goals and whether some physicians, health assessors or digital engagement strategies are getting better results than others.

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Use case

An employee goes for an annual health assessment, in which their health assessor identifies that they are at risk of type 2 diabetes. They agree a lifestyle goal of reducing their BMI to reduce risk factors.

The patient is sent home with a blood glucose monitor provided by DNTelehealth and encouraged to log readings every day.  Care Pathway Manager also automatically sends weekly questionnaires, nutrition plans and exercise schedules to the patient who enters their weight and whether they have completed their planned activities.

Lumeon prompts a further sequence of telehealth appointments at regular intervals. However, if patient recorded data should go out of threshold limits, it automatically notifies the relevant professional to intervene. This could be a health advisor for lifestyle goals or the patient’s physician if it’s later in the pathway and their blood glucose variation is consistently elevated.


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