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Lumeon is a digital health company leveraging Care Pathway Management (CPM) to take a fresh approach to healthcare delivery. By looking across the entire continuum of care, we see the bigger picture and address the system – not just the symptom – behind healthcare transformation.

For more than 13 years, we’ve been spearheading a quiet revolution in healthcare. Now we count some of the world’s largest providers as our clients and are deployed across more than 2,000 sites across the US and Europe.

Lumeon brings expertise, technology and pathways together in an award-winning combination that’s proven to deliver success at scale.

We enable providers to deploy care pathways that leverage automation to:

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Our CEO discusses how care pathways are changing the way healthcare is conducted

Mission and vision

Our mission

We work with healthcare providers to design and automate care pathways that deliver measurably better outcomes at lower cost.

We approach care pathway management in its wider operational as well as clinical sense, because all the parts in the system have to interact perfectly to deliver the best outcome at scale. Our goal is to work with providers to create care pathways that not only achieve better clinical outcomes, but also put predictable demand on resources and significantly lower costs.

Our vision

A world where healthcare delivers the best outcome for all.

Good healthcare should be orientated toward value-based outcomes which are transparent and easy for all patients to comprehend. Underpinning this should be excellent care pathway models that are predictable, measurable and replicable; on a global level.

12 countries
The Lumeon platform is deployed throughout 12 countries across the globe

11M patients
Our clients use the Lumeon platform to manage over 11M patients each year

2,000 sites deployed
2,000 healthcare sites using Lumeon

Awards and recognition


Legal and compliance

Lumeon has created a document hub where you can view our terms and conditions, security credentials and other useful information.

Every year Lumeon undergoes a full external information security audit aligned to the ISO27001:2013 standard. We are accredited by SGS who review our systems and security to ensure that we are complying with our policies and have no single points of failure in the organization – either on process, technology or people.