Automated remote monitoring, public health campaigns and telemedicine reminders

Due to the escalating nature of the COVID-19 pandemic, there is now an urgent need to prevent all but the most critical patients from entering your emergency department, while identifying and monitoring those who are at high risk of deterioration.

Lumeon has developed rapid response solutions to help overburdened care teams automatically screen and educate their wider population, with the option to intensively monitor those most at risk, using SMS and eForm.

We can also help send automated appointment reminders for video consultations.

Why Lumeon?

Coronavirus remote monitoring

Reduce pressure on emergency departments by using SMS to automatically screen and monitor patients who have COVID-19 symptoms and co-morbid conditions, but who aren’t ill enough to be admitted.

This solution sends patients a screening form via SMS which assesses symptom severity, as well as any underlying conditions which may put them at risk.

At-risk patients can be automatically enrolled onto an SMS home monitoring program, with automated escalation to your centralized clinical team, if responses indicate deterioration.




A mobile phone showing remote monitoring of a coronavirus patient

Coronavirus patient outreach

Promote widespread prevention and education quickly, by using automated communications via email/SMS/or IVR.

This solution enables you to send simple, easy to understand instructions, segmented into prevention, diversion, self-isolation and symptom control.




Telemedicine appointment reminders

Re-divert face-to-face appointments to video consultations to ensure continuity of service, by sending links via text message.

Lumeon’s solution enables you to easily communicate instructions and video links in a timely manner, as part of each patient’s sequence of automated appointment reminders.




A mobile phone showing an appointment reminder with a link to virtual consultation

We appreciate that this is a stressful time for healthcare professionals.

Lumeon would like to offer any help, ideas and guidance we can, whether or not you are an existing customer.

Please get in touch for more information.