Introducing our Care Pathway Management (CPM) platform

Lumeon’s Care Pathway Management (CPM) platform allows healthcare providers to create digital pathways that optimize care delivery and fluidly guide patients and care teams throughout the continuum.

Using the CPM platform, providers can leverage intelligent automation and orchestration to manage a shared plan of care across multiple teams and settings, automatically adjusting activities and deploying the right resource required for each individual.

The platform uses real-time data captured from patients, care teams and bi-directional integration with software such as EHRs, to keep everyone on course, presenting a ‘care-traffic control’ view of patient progress and automating tasks where possible.



All you need to improve operational efficiency


Lumeon enables you to engage patients through multiple channels, making it easy to manage them throughout their care journey.  To suit each individual’s preference, patients may be contacted through voice, robo-call, text, email or auto-generated letters. Enable instant bi-directional question and answer, such as for patient reminder confirmation messages or outcome measurement.


Reduce costs and ease the burden on your organization by deploying powerful automation capabilities. From simple things like automated patient reminders to advanced risk scoring, screening, order compliance, and task escalation,  Lumeon enables providers to configure their own automation rules and timers.


Optimally direct tasks and activities across multiple care teams and care settings. Dynamically allocate the right resource to each patient and intelligently course-correct according to changing risk factors and workload. Integrate with the EHR workflow and enhance Population Health reporting with real-time operational insight.

Care navigator UI

The care navigator UI presents a 360 degree view of the care plan, enabling managers to easily track all patients and tasks. Where necessary, they can also moderate task allocation, view escalated patients and troubleshoot problems as the platform suggests.



Lumeon embedded EHR UI

Lumeon’s care team UI can be natively embedded into an EHR, so it is easy for clinicians to access. It shows a real-time view of task progress for their allocated patients and presents role specific task dashboards showing the next action such as checklists, calls, appointments and scorecards.