Discover next-generation population engagement

Delivering value-based care and staying ahead in a competitive market, means enhancing your ability to interact with patients and track outcomes.

With increasing consumer demand for digital interaction and sheer volume of data to monitor across populations, we can no longer expect physicians to do all the work themselves.

You need a good digital engagement strategy to proactively encourage patients to collaborate with their care plan and stay on track with their goals.

Lumeon enables providers to build next-generation digital pathways that guide patients from start to finish. We facilitate richer engagement and allow you to do more with patient data – delivering better care for the population and individual.



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Robbie Hughes, Lumeon’s CEO, discusses how automation is transforming patient engagement

The digital patient journey with Lumeon


Telehealth and virtual consultation

Lumeon’s video conferencing capabilities enable you to regularly connect with patients outside of the clinic, at a time that’s convenient for them. Video conferencing appointments can be triggered at particular intervals in your pathway, or when data collated from patients requires review.

You can augment your pathways with data from a whole host of telehealth and remote monitoring devices – from home blood pressure kits, to cardiology monitors and tri-axial accelerometers. If data goes out of threshold you can trigger care team alerts, send invitations to video health consultation or activate recall protocols.



Patient e-questionnaires

Lumeon allows you to build custom online forms that capture clinical or administrative data from patients as well as their personal goals.

These forms can be automatically sent to patients via email link or app at various intervals throughout treatment. Patient responses can be used to trigger different activities.

For example, a form completed post-surgery can alert physicians to unexpected mobility pain and prompt them to call the patient.

At a glance

Use case:

A leading provider of physical therapy is using Lumeon’s e-questionnaires to capture subjective patient feedback throughout treatment. Patients input pain levels as well as rating how far they think they are progressing towards their personal goal, using an EQ-SD-5L scoring system. Physicians are alerted if data goes out of threshold and they can be prompted to instigate a virtual or non-virtual care event to investigate alternative exercise regimes.



Lumeon’s patient portal functionality allows you to provide a ‘one-stop-shop’ for patients. We can provide a custom-branded ‘off the shelf’ portal option or support you to build your own, using our extensive APIs.

Once they have logged in, you can allow patients to book and edit appointments online, view upcoming appointments, access relevant resources and update their health goals and personal details.

At a glance

Use case:

A leading provider of corporate health screening is using the customer portal to allow patients to book appointments online, request treatment, view health assessment results, and access their personal incentives and wellbeing resources. Employees can view appointments that they are eligible for as well as those they can upgrade to on the next tier of insurance package.

Personalized documents and resources

Lumeon’s document generation engine allows you to automatically populate resources including patient preparation instructions and clinical reports, using the patient’s health data.

You can control when documents are sent to patients at various points in the care pathway via scheduled emails. This makes information more relevant and timely for patients, as well as saving you time

At a glance

Use case:

A provider of health assessments is using the Lumeon Care Pathway Management platform to automatically collate all results from health screening tests and compile them into a health assessment document. If results fall outside normal percentiles, Lumeon automatically flags this and pulls in text boxes of auto-templated advice. Patients can also be emailed regular automated resources in the weeks after assessment, triggered by the goals set in consultation.