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Lumeon Navigator offers next generation digital patient engagement, using automated activities and patient feedback, to intelligently moderate the patient journey.

The app synchronizes with Care Pathway Manager and delivers a program of support, activities and reminders to patients throughout their treatment until they meet their healthcare goal.

Patients are encouraged to enter health and wellbeing data, across a variety of scales that are configurable by providers throughout different specialties. If this data exceeds a certain threshold, it can be used to trigger automated activities and care team alerts.

Key benefits:



Managing appointments

Lumeon Navigator allows patients to view all upcoming appointments and will automatically send them notifications and reminders as they approach.

If patients can no longer attend an appointment, you can configure the app to allow them to reschedule appointments themselves, or send a notification to the clinic which will re-arrange it for them.

Providers also have the option to allow patients to book new appointments for different healthcare issues.

Key features

Patient preparation, tasks and reminders

Patients are tired of receiving reams of paper with complex information about how to prepare for appointments.  Not having clear, relevant information at the right time often means patients are poorly prepared. This can have a significant impact, especially on more serious procedures.

Lumeon Navigator can automatically provide regular, bite-sized information, e.g. about fasting or strengthening exercises, or even just what to remember to bring along with them.

This information is determined by their particular care pathway, but is also automatically tailored to each patient, based on their personal health profile e.g. if they are diabetic or elderly.

Key features


Goal tracking and wellbeing scales

In order to monitor wellbeing in-between appointments, Lumeon Navigator allows patients to share key data (e.g. blood glucose levels). Scoring systems are configurable by each provider and can be used across different care specialties.

If the data falls out of your acceptable threshold over a certain period of time, the app can automatically trigger a series of early intervention actions to get them back on track.

Key features


A key source of patient frustration is being kept on hold trying to contact the clinic or hospital, or not being able to communicate directly with their doctor in-between appointments.

Lumeon Navigator provides an instant messaging function to allow patients to confidentially message their doctor or care team, who can then provide feedback, rapidly and securely.

Key features

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