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Care Pathway Manager is our cloud-based platform that provides a single, real-time view of the entire continuum of care, from referral to outcome. It integrates clinical and administrative systems, and gives providers the ability to design and automate their own workflow rules, so that each patient is automatically transitioned through their personal care continuum based on their individual data.

Care Pathway Manager allows for clear and measurable healthcare delivery, both in terms of efficiency and outcome. Visibility of demand allows for planning, making business operations predictable. A high level of control is achieved by eliminating variance.

Behind each stage of the care continuum is a powerful pathway engine with its own intelligent capabilities, giving the ability to transform your organization by letting you create your own rules to link the pathways together.

Inquiry and Referral

Process referrals more rapidly by automatically screening them for information that is missing or needs further clarification, and following up with the practitioner who provided the referral.

By linking referral data to scheduling and resource management data, you can now accurately predict the resources you will need, and keep an eye on the demands of your most popular referrals.

At a glance:

Inquiry & Referral
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Allows you to set up an online checklist with automation rules that ensures each patient is either automatically matched with the right practitioner or their referral is sent for review. This avoids staff having to manually look up protocols and reduces risk of error.

Checklists can be completed by technicians, or patients can supply some of the data online, before they even set foot in the office.

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Make scheduling appointments easier by automatically finding the right rooms, care teams and equipment required based on key patient data. Different intelligent configuration settings help you optimize your practice, i.e. booking certain appointment types back-to-back, giving priority to senior staff schedules, or only booking certain types of appointments on a certain day.

In just a few clicks, you can produce sequences of appointments that meet your Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) or other requirements.

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Called a Collaborative Medical Record (CMR) due to its compatibility across different medical specialties, the electronic record contains data synced from online forms completed by patients (before, during and after treatment), clinical notes taken by practitioners, and results coming in from laboratories. This data can be used to trigger follow-up events such as emails, tasks or patient call-back tasks.

The CMR can function as a stand-alone solution or seamlessly complement an existing Electronic Medical Record (EMR).

At a glance:

Clinical reporting
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Revenue Assurance

Allows you to easily manage revenue streams from each contract type. The Revenue Assurance engine and Scheduling engine are linked, so you can set parameters around booking appointments based on individual contract allowances.

Whether patients decide to change insurance provider, split their bill with a new employer, apply a voucher or upgrade their healthcare package, Care Pathway Manager will always produce an accurate invoice and automatically follow-up when an invoice is delinquent.

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Lumeon Analytics provides both depth and accessibility when it comes to unlocking clinical and business insights that can transform the way you run your healthcare practice.

Using the latest technology and custom branded data visualizations, we show you where your most popular referrals sources are, which practitioners or treatments are achieving the best outcomes, your week-by-week debt position, even how many people are currently waiting in reception, or where you should open a new office or clinic.

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Explore our architecture

Lumeon’s cloud-based architecture has flexibility and agility at its core; connecting patients, practitioners and providers and integrating securely and seamlessly with existing technologies.


Care Pathway Management Platform (CPM)

Pathway Engine

Lumeon’s powerful pathway engine allows healthcare providers to create their own rules that automate entire sequences of tasks in real-time.

  • Stage
  • Trigger
  • Case
  • State
  • Transition
  • Rule

Core Functions

The core functions of the platform act like building blocks, covering all aspects of the patient journey, from the first point of contact with a patient, right through to discharge.

  • Referral Management
  • Triage
  • Scheduling
  • Clinical Reporting
  • Revenue Assurance
  • Analytics

Common Data Model (CDM)

Lumeon’s Common Data Model (CDM) is a universal language which allows the platform to describe and link all the elements of the patient journey across any speciality and site.

  • Appointment
  • Location
  • Resource
  • Referrer
  • Payment
  • Outcome

Open Integration Layer

Our platform is designed to offer unprecedented flexibility through multiple APIs. It seamlessly integrates with commonly used interfaces in both private and public healthcare.

  • HL7
  • FHIR
  • Web services
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