The decision support intelligence
behind personalized care journeys


Optimal care for every patient

Lumeon translates clinical data from multiple sources into a task-based personalized care plan that can navigate both patient and care team down the optimal path.

Should risk levels change, it will automatically recommend a course change to keep everyone on track.

Risk assessment based on the patient


Lumeon detects gaps in care



Detect and resolve gaps in care

Lumeon uses health records and patient eForm data to detect where there might be missing care activity, such as an imaging order, blood test or a scheduled appointment.

After its recommendation is approved, it creates or automates the required tasks.

Enable timely intervention with remote patient monitoring

Lumeon can regularly gather patient-reported outcomes, and use this information to track progress, such as pain, healing, mobility, or device data, escalating to a care team member where necessary.

Patients can be transferred to alternative pathways with targeted digital interaction, plus more frequent care team check-in.

Doctor noticing exacerbation


Why Lumeon's Clinical Intelligence?

Proven to increase efficiency

Proven to increase efficiency

By allowing skilled professionals to work at the top of their license, our clients see measurable efficiency gains

Operationalize clinical decisions

Operationalize clinical decisions

Connecting clinical intelligence to operational workflow means decisions are consistently executed, first time, every time

Programmable orchestration engine

Programmable orchestration engine

Program your care journey with industry best-practice protocols, or plug in third-party algorithms using our APIs

Orchestration experts

Orchestration experts

We have fifteen years’ experience helping our clients translate their clinical protocols into digital care journeys

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