Radiology and Teleradiology

Using automation to transform radiology services

Lumeon Care Pathway Manager allows providers of radiology and teleradiology services to automate their operational processes to transform diagnostic pathways and deliver unbeatable efficiency.

Whether you just manage reporting and teleradiology services or whether you operate the entire diagnostic pathway, automation can help you process more cases and keep radiologists working at the top of their license.


Video: Alliance Medical transform their radiology pathways 

Watch Dr. Johann Alberts, Director of IT and Transformation at Alliance Medical, discuss the benefits of care pathway automation for radiology.


improve efficiency and SLAs to win more business

deliver a greater volume of scans in a shorter time-frame

reduce cancellations by ensuring patients are properly prepared

automatically provide a more tailored service to hospitals

Alliance Medical Case Study

“Moving to a unified RIS-PACS environment, managed by automated pathways has meant we can offer a faster, better service to our clients with hardly any asset wastage.”

Dr. Johann Alberts, Director of IT and Transformation, Alliance Medical


“Lumeon’s Care Pathway Management platform is a game-changer for us. It has transformed the way we deliver care.”

Dr. Charles Niehaus, CMO, Alliance Medical

Case study overview:

Alliance Medical, Europe’s leading independent provider of medical imaging services recently implemented automation to transform their business and win significant new contracts.

They came to Lumeon because they were challenged by the complexity of managing many different pathways and contractual variables for a growing client base. They also wanted to get more efficiency out of their network of over 160 radiologists across 100 different sites and standardization of administrative processes e.g. patient preparation.

Alliance Medical used Lumeon Care Pathway Manager to transition from multiple, uncoordinated RIS-PACS environments to a single master software that automated standardized workflows.



The new workflows automated some tasks (e.g. image transmission, report formatting and distribution, basic referral screening and invoicing) and used intelligent algorithms to allocate other tasks to appropriate staff. This was calculated based upon complexity and paygrade.

Each workflow could automatically adjust its processes depending on the patient’s contract, and trigger different automated actions (e.g. task reallocation) if respective SLAs were in danger of breach.

All of this meant that Alliance Medical could consistently turn around a high volume of scans and reports, exactly according to client preferences.

The patient experience was also improved using automated reminders and pre-procedure preparation instructions, sent via the patient’s preferred channel and tailored around their health profile. Alliance Medical can now guarantee every patient receives personal, relevant instructions to minimize the chance of complications or cancellations.

30% reduction in resourcing costs
98% reduction in report formatting & distribution time
93% reduction in billing time
99% patient satisfaction rating

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