Control appointments across your pathway to optimize capacity

Lumeon’s intelligent algorithms can help standardize appointment types across a particular pathway, as well as maximizing your capacity.

Our team can help you build smart scheduling algorithms that instantly perform calculations based on your booking parameters.

Care Pathway Manager calculates the right appointment length, practitioners, and resources required, in the nearest location to the patient, or by deploying virtual care.

As well as helping you fill diaries faster, capacity optimization algorithms can also help you fill them more effectively. For example, making sure certain appointment types are booked back-to-back, or changing booking parameters and releasing slots if they haven’t been filled before particular deadlines.

Key benefits:

Online booking

Lumeon’s Booking APIs allow patients to search, book, reschedule and pay for a selection of their appointments online.

The APIs can be used as the first touchpoint for a tailored program of digital interaction, that can include online questionnaires, activities, reminders, supporting information and resources.

They allow you not only to convert more customers online, but to capture details you can use to create a tailored patient experience.


Telehealth and virtual consultation

Lumeon partners with Digital Noema Telehealth, a leading provider of telemedicine and remote patient monitoring, to trigger virtual care events across your pathway.

Together we help providers ensure the optimum number of virtual appointment types are always produced at the correct intervals for a particular episode of care.

Our joint telehealth capability reduces the chance of patients moving back up the risk scale, through remote monitoring health kits and intervention via virtual consultation. This is underpinned by standardized workflows that coordinate follow-up and automatically alert physicians when data is out of compliance.


Use case

A leading provider of ophthalmology services is using an algorithm to match patients to appropriate surgeons, based on each surgeon’s treatment preferences.

For example, patients who are diabetic will only bring up relevant appointment slots with diabetic specialists. A process that used to involve manually cross-referencing against paper lists, now is instantly calculated, saving time and reducing error.

Care Pathway Manager also ensures that senior practitioner diaries are given priority and will suggest back-to-back appointments wherever possible.