Automated patient outreach and self-scheduling for vaccination campaigns

Mass vaccination campaigns bring numerous patient communication and scheduling challenges, particularly when a series of injections need to be administered.

Lumeon enables providers to comprehensively manage their vaccination campaigns by automating outreach to patients via SMS and email and providing them with a link to self-schedule appointments at their preferred clinic.

The platform continues to digitally educate and remind the patient to reduce no-shows, as well as monitoring side-effects, alleviating burden on healthcare workers by orchestrating the vaccination campaign.



Patient journey

Patient outreach invitation
Lumeon automatically reaches out to your patient list to confirm willingness to receive the vaccine.

Patient self-scheduling
Patients receive a link to self-schedule via a portal and can select their nearest vaccination site.

Send information about the vaccine and what to expect.

Automated appointment reminders are sent before each appointment.

Virtual check-in
Patients wait in their car, texting ‘ready’ upon arrival. They receive a text message telling them to proceed once healthcare professionals are ready.

Ability to send patients instructions about who to contact in case of emergency as well as capturing side-effects using eForm.


a mobile phone screenshot showing vaccine scheduling


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