Transform employee health programs with a comprehensive wellness platform

Over the past decade, there has been increased emphasis on proactively maintaining employee wellbeing. Wellness programs are seen by employers not just as a checkbox activity to lower premiums, but as a means to nurture and engage all of their staff. This equates to a huge number of appointments, health plans and personal goals to be coordinated and monitored over time.

For wellness providers and employee benefits organizations, the challenge is to provide these services at scale. This includes creating and tracking a multitude of personalized health plans, and integrating emerging technologies such as digital coaching, virtual care, wireless health devices and mobile diagnostic imaging.

Lumeon enables these businesses to design and orchestrate unique digital wellbeing pathways on our Care Pathway Management (CPM) platform. By automating end-to-end workflows and integrating new telehealth and benefits technology, we’ve enabled leading wellness providers to double the size of their business.


scale operations without increasing headcount

by using intelligent automation to manage large volumes of digital wellbeing programs, incorporating virtual care monitoring and third-party support services

standardize care processes and improve profitability and predictability

by creating evidence-based workflows that ensure care consistency for a broad variety of wellness issues as well as compliance to payment plans

differentiate your services and deliver measurable ROI

by designing unique pathway solutions that address specific employee issues and track outcomes over time

Create your own digital pathway

Whether you just focus on health risk assessments or longer-term employee engagement, the Lumeon CPM platform will enable you to transform programs into an efficient and effective wellness process.

Lumeon CPM can act as the unified wellness record, enabling you to create your own algorithms and rulesets to identify risks and intelligently progress employees towards their personal health goals.

Health risk screening

Managing patient lists, collecting pre-screening data and scheduling appointments can be an incredibly labor-intensive process. Lumeon enables you to create digital pathways that automatically coordinate administrative and clinical processes so you can process more patients, more effectively.

Just a few of the many possibilities:

Chronic disease screening and management

The scale, longevity, and cost of chronic disease pathways makes them a prime case for digitization. These pathways may include best practice processes for screening, monitoring, referral and recall. Intelligent automation can also help patients self-manage conditions.

Just a few of the many possibilities:

Lifestyle coaching and personal goals

In order to help patients proactively reduce their risk of developing serious conditions, our pathways enable you to set collaborative lifestyle goals that track patient progress through e-questionnaires and automated sequences of activities and resources.

Just a few of the many possibilities:

Core capabilities

Pathway builder with SLA timers

The Lumeon CPM platform allows you to assign each employee to an end-to-end digital wellness pathway, including corresponding SLAs, tasks, goals and appointment eligibility rules. Shared dashboards also enable all care stakeholders to see what they should be doing next.

Proactive risk reduction

Risk scoring algorithms allow you to escalate patients to staff or transfer them to entirely new pathways that prompt different activities and closer monitoring. Auto-scoring helps predict which employees will need extra help and can be configured however you wish, using real-time data supplied by clinicians and patients.

Advanced employee engagement

Your pathway can adapt to data from third-party telehealth devices, such as wearables, personal health records (PHR) or mobile diagnostics. It can also seamlessly link patients to video consultation software, send global tracking questionnaires and tailored wellbeing resources.

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